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Appeals court judge who Supreme Court nomination was snubbed in 2016. America is listening to Fox News Now your chance to win $1000 text a nationwide keyword. Bank to 202 100. He'll get a confirmation text and invoke standard data and Mrs Rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's bank to 202 100. This report is sponsored by the National Crime Prevention Council and the Uspto NewsRadio. 9 20 won all 47 FM traffic road work out there in 1 46. South Bounds, Gonna tie things up a little bit out towards 95. Looks like it backed up all the way to administrate. It looks bad, but it's about a two minute backup for this 95 south found a tap on the brakes came to the 60. And I'm damn Isela, And that's a look at your news radio 9 21 47 of them Traffic. Hey, look how cheap this one is. That's a counterfeit. So what? So what Your skin lotion could have something scary in it, like antifreeze or other poisons Protect yourself visit. NCP si dot org's slash gofer real brought to you by N. C. P C and the uspto Remember that first date you met, shared some stories. Ask some questions. Got that comfortable feeling? So you set a second date and then a third. That's how the best relationships are formed. They start with a comfortable feeling pretty soon you build trust, which is so important. Do you have that kind of relationship with your financial advisor? If you don't I recommend having a first date with Josh Wills and his team at Euclid Financial Services on that first date, you'll get to know each other over coffee and conversation, Josh well Holes and his team always start by first building trust. And that takes time so called today for a 17 to 7 to 7 to 7 and set up that first date. Comfortable, relaxed, conversational. The best way to get started..

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