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I'm not saying that what i'm saying. Is that what if we are learning about specific individual players. And that's where. I'm going to go with this podcast today before we get to that. I think it's worth noting that so far in camp. Everything has been geared up towards the hall of fame game the hall of fame game. That's gonna happen. Thursday august fifth in kano ohio against the dallas cowboys there. I mean you've heard. Mike tomlin talk about this ad nauseam. He talks about the quarterbacks in who's getting the work and who's getting more reps with the ones and the twos it's based on who is going to be starting in that hall of fame game. It's about the offensive line. Dan moore junior left. Tackle kendrick green at center. They're getting the majority of reps. Why because they want. They're going to be the ones that are gonna be starting in the hall of fame game. That is where everything has been going in terms of teamwork team drills team sessions. They want to get the players that are going to be playing a lot significant reps in the hall of fame game. they wanna get them repetitions. I have to think before. I move onto these individual players. I have to think that some of these players are probably going to be really really nervous going into this. Preseason going into these games even the hall of fame game. Is ben rothlisberger going to be nervous. No he's probably not even an address. But is someone like antoine brooks junior nervous. Maybe is someone like. Bj finney nervous. I would think so think about. Bj finish just general. Here's a guy that was an undrafted rookie at a kansas state. From the pittsburgh steelers his childhood his favorite team. He turns his backup..

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