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And this Bank. Chesterfield is splitting five precincts. Following crowding problems on election day. The board of supervisors voted unanimously to divide the janitorial iron bridge, skin quarter southside in Winfrey store precincts following a county report that cited insufficient poll workers and check in stations. The asterik precinct will be kept whole. But the polling location is moving from Edrich elementary to Virginia state university. A federal court choosing a house redistricting plan that UVA's. Larry's avenue has with nearly guarantee a democratic takeover of the house of delegates Republicans Kirk Cox, and Chris Johns would see the most significant partisan swings as the boundary lines move. President Trump is calling for Venezuela's President Nicolas Madura to resign after the US recognized national assembly leader, one Guido as Venezuela's legitimate leader. Why don't named himself interim president following widespread? Protests protests against Madura ABC's curate radio reports if the person that the United States says is the legitimate president of a country is now been tossed in jail by the person, they say is the illegitimate leader of the country. Will what is Trump going to do about that? And that's one of the big questions. But in the meantime, who's in charge in Venezuela right now, it's the person with the guns, and that's Madero. He has the military behind him. If we start seeing large-scale military. Affections to the opposition. Then all bets are off. But that's not what's happening, right. President Trump's of the US will use the full weight of its economic and diplomatic power to restore democracy in Venezuela and late night. Seth Meyers joking about the president delaying his speech Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to the White House today saying that she will not allow President Trump to deliver the state of the union address next week if the government is still shut down damn if some really wants a strong wall on the Mexican border he should build it out of Nancy Pelosi. Your next news at six news on demand at NewsRadio. W R V A dot com. I mean determine on Richmond's news, weather, and traffic station. Newsradio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM..

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