Presidential Elections, Richard Deitz, NFL discussed on Sports Central with Greg Matzek


Spending is up two percent so advertisers are still bind spots in nfl games he bought five hundred thirteen million dollars worth of in game spots for the month of september a ratings have been slightly off this year the bottom line for the networks continues to grow so despite declining ratings they're making money because people are by adds spots now the decline in ratings last year the talk was trump and the presidential elections and when you look back at it this year it makes sense i wanna say i richard deitz was talking about this on his podcast two couple of episodes ago and i wanna say the thursday night and sunday night games for the most part were up but the i think a rotated one week he was down one week it was up down up down of in went inada order my thing is will the ones that her up do any of those lineup with any debates that went on last year but when you look at this ratings thing that we've been talking about for the last few years i think it's very simple the product is not that good it is not as good as it used to be how many how many of the time gains have been good.

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