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Now entering. Kind cast to. Hey, everybody. Welcome to another Assode of the bitcoin podcasts. News by the bozos. I'm your. You only got into that hurts my soul. It's been two weeks. Here's my Morgan start taking it seriously that you really hurt. I don't consider myself a bozo. But I know have a rather round nose. I just figured there was some genetic predisposition there. But. I never considered myself an actual bozo. Cut me deep. Just the headers. By the bitcoin podcast network. We'll give you just the headlines. We know you don't care that much about the news you'll care about the price. Well, we care about somewhere in between those two things. And we very geek or curtsy headlines for that reason. We're unbiased. Enjoyable, and we bring you the news Jesse introduce yourself everybody dressy, I have more energy than d this week. No, that's all carrying the podcast through to the end. Just going to put the team on his back this week. So. How has your week been Jesse? I know it's been interesting because you're a very interesting man, period. No, I think we both are in different respects. But I think we're both operating on Myrtle sleep this week. I'm not gonna shy away from that complement. I'm amazing. But you gear you credible. No, you you are incredible. And together, we unite we make more than above so. Say more than about. So I said more than a bozo. More than a bozo. That's right because together, we're two. That you won't believe it would just happened. What is happened? Do does walk up to me and gave me a hundred thousand in game currency. No, I'm not even kidding. Are you pulling a game? That's right. You are playing a game while record. No, I am. Okay. I've never done this before let's get into the news baby. First articles by Kaiser edge wicked as four thousand six hundred ninety five eyeballs, and it states.

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