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About last hour with the trump trade presumably because the lie that ties in nevada stocks as well if you wanted a more false send me an email i'll get you the chart the explanation that goes with it and everything i do going forward the email address is d wilson at bloomberg guy net that's d wilson bloomberg guide net i feel like will continue to kind of go back and forth maybe and this growth in value debate depending on canada overall tone in the market dave may very well be the case in we we have seen quite the swings in the last couple of years so it's a matter of you'll have you things because let's space that if the economy does well then you growth all over the place you don't need to focus on those stocks the way that you would if the gross starts to waver next earning season we'll see what happens let's bringing you initially our senior us economists hit bloomberg intelligence inner bloomberg 1130 studios here in new york as well liu economic news today but we have some throughout the week and of course we have affect meeting yes absolutely quiet today but you know things said gonna pique up as the week progresses so let's start with the feds so obviously everybody is expecting a rate hike get the kind of addending gun deal and you know the futures market reflects legal doubt about that but the futures market does not see the next three increase until the first quarter of next year so that is interesting and i think it's really important for the fed and fully chain yelling to basically tell the markets what do you expect so they will releasing news summaries economic projections switching will include economic forecasts as well as the new dot plot so ed bloomberg intelligence economics we expect an additional hike in the third quarter this year and the beginning of the balancesheet them wind in the fourth quarter this year so in for the third it's really these they've done it in the past the deed.

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