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Jesse Lee Peterson on from Los Angeles but I see a big posting tonight on fox news quote confusion reigns as Seattle C. six blocks known as chairs C. H. A. Z. but partly changes the name to chop C. H. O. P. E. we're not trying to secede first caller tonight is Chuck from Seattle sharp from Seattle welcome to the bill Cunningham show I talk with you briefly off they are in shock you lived in Seattle for seventy years is that correct that is correct destroyed what is happening now in Seattle can you put it into words what's happening here city in summary dysfunctional I guess would be the best way to do it the thing that irritates me the most and and if your mutual friend of mine Wayne and I were talking about last night I just want to have a dialogue and I've sent three letters to the times or in a local newspaper questioning yeah you know things that have been done and they they just totally ignore it I mean it's it's like the truth is something that we can't really talk about I mean it's just crazy what do you want your letter signed in the local paper data basically it started out by saying that we have one of the best police departments in the in the country our police chief Carmen best is black the woman who is yeah I've seen done a wonderful job she spent her time as chief making our police more accountable we had an oversight committee that is that is been doing the same thing India the first first thing that our mayor does Cicero police department under the patch I mean it we should at least point out the fact that they're doing the best they can ninety nine point nine percent are good actually hundred percent CO because we haven't had fortunately coming on every police department faces those kinds of things but the main she started our our the week out by telling us that we were all systemically racist and that our police you know committed police brutality which is not the case ninety nine point nine percent of our police are wonderful people who go out there and service and this and this and and and and I know it in our black community they tell you the same thing the police are one of the best and most positive parts of the community since only those to me riddle this one to me you got a literal mayor who says for a systemic racism and the person in charge of the great Seattle police department African American females Carmen best is she a systemic racist is she the person implementing the racism that the mayor discusses does the met the chief of police say what are you talking about right I mean and that sent me into it and we have the most one of the most diverse police department's going on at me and it's just and and what that I mean we had our council person standing next to a journal and what was a few feet from our police screaming at them to put their guns under their chin and blow their heads off just why don't you all kill yourselves and you know I don't know there should be some sort of discourse as to whether or not that's a justified use of the city council's time and and and she let them into our city hall would put other people's lives in danger but that didn't seem to matter check out ability I mean yeah yeah go ahead well what about the newspapers the talk show host in Seattle the Intelligencia do they all say this mare is completely out of control giving up the east precinct made no sense at all you have a good police chief did are they on the side of the mayor or on this side of the police chief I think you're on the side of the mayor gosh yeah I mean I just think you know and it's it's so frustrating because it is I mean if they did this and far more my neighborhood which is two miles away I mean what would she do that now if they wanted to come into my house and within my my my house like they've done done on Capitol Hill I mean it is easy just entitled you know enable these people to do this kind of activity you know there's a lot of good people that are down in that place I'm not saying that I mean there are lots of people with good intentions and and they they have a an honest right to express themselves but once you go beyond that and you start taking over people's property and you start destroying property if you know somebody that's in our leadership means to say okay guys our police departments pretty damn good we're in pretty good shape we have a great I mean we have one of the best I know already Kim unities in the country right now the we just today we learned that the pastors and the minority community you're gonna organize to have a a deal where they're gonna talk about police accountability and answer the questions I mean that's how you do it you don't go down and take over seven blocks of Seattle once it will have reached a resolution because the president on to say okay your Democrats you're in the evil city of Seattle run by the blue Democrats the blues the blues and the governor seems to have a hands off approach how does it how does this resolve itself when the homeowners the shopkeepers the business owner and and this is the so called capital they can't function and so the yeah yeah and I I thank you I I've been on this may not be popular but I think that you need to do to to let our political leaders to do what they need to do our mayors and we're gonna have a summer of love in Seattle I don't think that the president trump can come in and restore order I think that we citizens have to do it and we have to we have to get that dialogue with our political that's when I'm upset I there's no dialogue with our elected officials as to why they are allowing this to happen and what is the benefit and how do they intend to take care of the people that have their place is taken care of I mean I've had a pretty taken away from home I mean it's just crazy and and that that the you know the mayor has to give us an explanation as to why she's doing this and if he's gonna say it's because it's okay because we systematically man races for four hundred years and she's got to come up and show me where it is I I mean everything I've seen this country continues to get better all the time all in every state and I walked out I walked in that at the university washing the sixties for civil civil war civil rights I protest that I want to get all that I spent two years in the army I was a military policeman I know what the police go through because I was one I came back and when my son was it was that age we we went into the inner city I coached inner city kids little league I started the inner city baseball program for the mariners in the you know I I told the kids everybody that I coach you judge people by their character not the color of their skin sure and and and I that wasn't my idea what's a pretty important black person's idea of Martin Luther king and and they say are allowing people to use race as a justification for being in the office and he's in this anarchy because it does report well it's it isn't it if there is a large part of Seattle was seized by anarchist alleging some sort of separate but political identity if you wanted to tonight is only what the seven forty two AM Pacific time could you get in your car and drive to today held six blocks and walk through.

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