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Well let let's let's talk about what we we all going to talk about breaks after uptown the travel but let's talk about discreet julius creeper these extraordinary pictures of beautiful the english country garden dressed as an english rose the only signs of her ordeal that she's been through being the signs of the track your to be that she's clearly had on her neck but it is it is extremely that the russians are still claiming joe still claiming that well she's either dead or she's being held against her will they wanted this proof of latin and now they've gone well they did but then they've used it as an opportunity to sort of suggest some sensitive in how she was behaving the it was a scripted pace fairplay she's been through a hell of an ordeal you'd wanna script what you're going to say at that point but they use that as an argument to suggest that she's been she's being controlled by the british and this is all part of a major plot so the poll women i mean that is a very difficult interview to give very confident to the tease i thought i presume she'd been to be fair to the russian she probably had been coached by few people around to make sure she could get through it because khushi anyone would did you make i mean there are still to be conspiracy theorist richard he would just going to say well don't trust i don't believe it but this is now russian foreign policy one one is just muddy the facts just bring some doubt about just try and say maybe it's not all ought to be seen because that's that's only have to do now they've got to believe exactly because they've got kind of autocracy on their side which is amazingly efficient and keeps everyone kind of in line and having the same view the app lewisham here is what they're exploiting because i think we're in the middle of a cold war but we haven't got cold war mindset that what is being done to us all the time whether interfering elections where they just but this is just typical them muddy the water question the facts and just leave the doubt and then there's various people who are prepared to do the heavy lifting i mean i'm cynical but right to me doesn't want to get back to.

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