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Yes network and his to it's ski rounded the basis he was screaming in the direction of the Toronto dugout, and I was imagining you had the Blue Jays new staff of a they got a new manager. They got new coaches, and they're looking at each other going really, Marcus Stroman was might have been on the other end of that. And maybe wasn't personal. But don't tell Troy Lewinsky, then a spring training home run doesn't mean anything he's Hyper-motivated after being released by the Blue Jays in the off season, which he told reporters afterward after the game. And he said, hey, this organization that told me I couldn't play anymore. I feel like the Yankees are getting a player. I it's like the, you know, when you break up after a long term relationship, and you're the rebound person. Man. The Yankee seem like they're going to benefit from that. Yeah. No, dad. We know the story. He's has to stay healthy. You know, he's thirty four now missed all of last season. You know, but yeah, the Yankees, I think they have a history of kind of. Picking up guys like this. Yup. Getting some some performance out of them. And obviously the motivation is there even when he was battling these injuries. He remained a good defensive shortstop. You know, he's going to be hitting seventh or eighth or something in that line of. They don't need to be there number three hitter. So. Yeah, it it's a guy we wanna root for. He was such a great player is peak. You know, let's hope he's out there on the field. You know, four or five days a week for the Yankees, Dan. How was it for you to see him circle the bases in yelling at the Blue Jays in being all fired up about this? Did it make you grind your teeth to loan ever heard of them? Now, I will say this that I do Toronto radio once a week. And they asked me the question about this was this a case where the Blue Jays didn't believe in the player or are. They just wanted turn the page. I think it was a ladder. You know, we've always heard things in recent years about the clubhouse culture and jazz tunnels who was traded last year. And Russell Martin nearing the end of his career. They moved him out. They let Troy till Lewinsky go, I wonder if the Blue Jays thought, you know, what there's a chance he might come back and help, but we're trying to build a new thing. And we really can't do it with these older guys sitting around you buy that total reboot. I'm all in on that. Yeah. And that's why I feel like although he's going to it looks like he's going to haunt the Blue Jays all year. I think it made sense for them to do what they did because they certainly weren't going to get anything in return. Given the fact that what they're paying him like nineteen points six million dollars this year before that exhibition game the announced Aaron Hicks gets a seven year contract for seventy million dollars. Dave you and. I talked about this whole notion of with all the labors climate not being great that we're seeing a lot of young players just grabbing deals and trying to take money out like they're on a Bank run. And I think this was the latest example that it's a stunning contract. When you think that Aaron Hicks is young younger than AJ Pollock who signed a four year sixty million dollar deal with the dodgers in the offseason. So the Yankees get more years of control a for a younger player than Pollick. And Hicks is only what six months away from free agency. I think it gives you some again an example of insight into how players around baseball or feeling anxious about what's going on yet. No, absolutely. A guy like Hicks. Who was a late bloomer, you know, but he's really become a nice nice player. You know, I guess there's enough uncertainty out there he'd be twenty nine or no you'd be thirty entering his free agent year. Obviously, we're seeing teams you know shy away from anybody in their thirties. So yeah. Grabbed the money while you can for the Yankees. I don't see how this deal financially goes wrong for them. Hicks is too good of a player not to earn back that money..

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