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Pat cusak is the first one out of survivor David versus Goliath, but he was not the first one voted out of survivor David versus Goliath. That person's identity has yet to be review. But three days after pats, evacuation one tribe or another, walked into the battle of Riina known as tribal council and put out the torch of one of their own. Perhaps it's one of the Goliath there ever winning personalities with Lee rattled by survivors, harsh storms, Drouin reality. So twenty people out here. One of you wins. One of you does go home. I does your heart go out to the first person does knowing that they're going back on the road Ponderosa and seeing what that looks like. It's not a horrible place, but I can't imagine going back as number one number two, number three, and everybody's still playing the game. That's a heartbreaker. That'd be tough. Yeah, no matter who it is. I'm gonna Mahar go out. And are you concerned that it could be, you know, I'm not gonna even embrace set at all. It's not going to be me nightmare scenario. Is that the worst. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, yeah, it's like I did not come out here to have occasion and look at. I also extremely, stir crazy. So not only would I be obviously disappointed and sad, and like. Just bored. I can imagine how hard that would be to come this far and then be the one that's photo I, whether it's it's not gonna be me, but whoever it is. Yes, sucks. What if it was you handle it? I take everything in stride. Like I said before it, nothing would surprise me at this point. Well, it would be surprised. I would just it would be hard for me to dwell on it. You know, take what take it for what it is and move on every time somebody leaves survivor their dream of becoming soul survivors over. I'm joking around calling. People do begs cutters a lot because I have fun doing that. But honestly, if I was first out it'd be heartbreaking and it's not a decision that I would take lightly. I'm not looking forward to voting someone out to sending someone home. I mean, I might write Audio's douchebag on the ballot, but I would still bet. Does your heart go out to the first one out of the game? No man. Ding thought about your strategy more. Yeah, it's not gonna happen to me, but I'm gonna be the last one standing. What happens at urine? Ponderosa after three days, I won't be trust me. I won't. I would be surprised if I was the first one out. I don't think I stand out as the first one. I was often like annoying one, the oddball or the person who is on. I thought I can't hold her his own and challenges, and I, I've liked. Leave. But there's no way of knowing up a puzzle and then that's my Killys hill. So I can't. I can't see a world where I'm the first one. I'll not because I want to be coffee or arrogant, but just because I wanna believe in myself trust process. No, that I belong here on day thirty nine in the final tribal perhaps Dr. Alison is right. Perhaps you'll be the one still standing on day thirty nine at final tribal council. She was my winter, pick walking away from the pres at the very least, but maybe the winner will come from somewhere else somewhere across the sea on a beach filled with underdogs and million dollar tree. Why are you going to be the winner? Why is it going to be you. Because I'm gonna try harder than anybody else. And I'm fighting for more reasons than most of them. You know, like I've lived enough live to know. Million dollars come your way every day and but also I mean, honestly, competitive person in nature, and I gonna come something. I'm not gonna show up something unless I know I can't win in if I know I can. I will get everything I've got in leave it all out there on one. Out here to be voted off in three days, but it's not gonna happen. No, you're gonna win, as sure as my name is Carl. I'm winning his death. So why is Carla gonna win? Why are you going to be the win? Why do you have the confidence? 'cause I'm always wanted everything done. I'm not a loser, not. Winter, my wife told me come home with the bag. So I'm coming home with the bay..

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