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For one. Five cenex payments. Yeah no some valid points definitely And this i've been thinking about that since the phone around britain I've rust in rushed into any sort decision either just so ho- hold and away and Just see what's available all in getting different opinions as well to be there About a points which show definitely well. You've heard it here first. Michael howarth is going to become brought jones new mountain into twenty twenty one. And if you thought it's all about world supersport. Because i mean we've seen you do a couple of orcas i think it was also with With macadam is that something you're thinking about how definitely hundred sent the past To make it happen to go this year. I wanted to be in world through this year. You've seen over the last year. Twenty nine thousand nine. We did while cod at donnington with the odds which was really good. Yeah rate enjoy yourself. Tha-that's why the will be set up the riding. It's talk the team talk at the end of the end of last year. Just again the bit more experienced guests dealer into the product. But i think it's been discussed on the show before it's just the money in bulbs ago was boys just restrict saying he's no way i can raise a hundred fifty to two hundred thousand quid. You know no way. So it wasn't for the money with definitely have been been this year said but it's just the money And it's it's never engineers you one or two good gears mostly boy seems to be. You need to pay a lot money radio. A guy wins the world championship. You will sleep. Responses said that the after fine thank quarter million quit. It's a great it's just insane added is just yeah i just i just don't found it unites scholley be you know they've got been sensitive Especially brits only ever nationalities to go that but when it costs that so a money to do it the no one's gonna do of but maybe with the new the new so rules regulations that come into the suit forecast maybe that much and not bit more back from the manufacturers themselves which which which watched which is what we need of their. I mean this not speaking at a certain. It's no secret that when you go to world superbikes world superstar for three years seem get subsidized by the championship. You get paid for this things get paid for your transportation thing so gherardo right well. Have you go. Solid gives students ariza quitting. You go you like a bit of a p tank relief when any man. That's running the top of a championship. Then goes us. Government goes to find that. So i can understand maybe twenty thousand euros so i'll see with the cost of certain things. He's traveling things because ended table is a business but to be asking a man that's want wanna jump in for two hundred grams. A justin obsolete ridge and off. Yeah just extortionate you end up ends up coming down to the with one you money. Not not you not you know. It's it's always the way that you feel like it puts a barrier between you and the threat. Where because you don't feel like you'll get what you fans exactly and just never works really worth that with That the economic climate is hard explained to me that can bring paints would same. Why not seem go find that two hundred thousand exactly. Yeah the questions to be asked but it seems to have been this way for the last few years. At least you know and shame. And that's why. I think we now see in a lack of brits coming up through bull into by gpa. You'll see yourself like we were talking before that you will. Once the likes of people going through well superbikes. You won't see that brace dominated anymore. All throughout the to take you to a welsh saying now exactly you know. His visit drought. Come indefinitely for british reuters But you know luck of said you know maybe the soup sport if if the manufacturers comply bit more money into the spore in a help bath thumbed it then maybe we will see you know some more time come up for exhibiting obey is using in getting in the right places in the corruption. We've spoken about it and we'll spoil quite a bit gino on last week and he was talking about. Is this something that from your experience. Anyway translates into british as well in terms of cost in british. Yeah yeah it was the british for you. Know is is expensive to engines and ties and everything but yeah it's difficult. I think people come up through now. The route seems to be you know maybe junior super bowl. Time cup Doc sick so you know it's a different route but to do superbowl on your own. You know as as a privateer would be a lot of money and to be competitive in british under the current regulations. It is quite expensive. We've electronics than taught. Is i say a difficult one. But other than their how the rule who base out with a new the new rules coming place thing here and beyond i am. I have no qualms in. Let's say a dozen the lots even cheaper spoiled. They're to like you. Say the the cost of the by ties. The entries made custom. And let's split should put a figure grundy grundy make a smoke 'cause less but then if it seemed that said loving set to their father if you can meet seventy five. Next year we will run your. We will ruin amazingly. I have qualms with because he'd say is domestic championship and you can see conceit. Maverick right figures. I think okay not kind of work that's to do give my love. The best possible opportunity aches when you get a pet mark for a super spot mpg. The books made these teams are international and they gained subsidized so heavily by the.

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