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Adult siblings who returned to their family farm to care for their dying father and our warned away by their mother because there's The darkened the wicked happening there. And it's a very simple horror story but it really builds dread in an incredibly effective way Just as he did in the strangers. And i think this was a year one. Horror got a lot of attention given the uncertainty in the world. There's a certain comfort in watching a scary movie that you can then Be done with. But i love horror so i'm happy to see. Get the attention. So the darkened. The wicked is my honorable mention the. I'll go on record as saying that darken. The wicked is like the scariest movie i've seen in years. It is so fucking scary jason. Did you know you guys are gonna be frightened just from talking about it you know. As you know from past discussions. I usually gravitate towards like more of these psychological thrillers or suspense movie than just straight horror. And you guys are saying. This is like the scariest thing that's been around so i don't necessarily see myself watching this one anytime soon. That's fair yes absolutely. I'll go from my honorable. Mention with monari from lee isaac chung which is just this beautiful movie about american life and the american dream through this korean american family and their experiences. It's not in my top ten or even twenty like probably somewhere just below there. But i really wanted to single it out though because of the score from a mill. Massery which is i would say far and away my favorite score of the year. It's just absolutely beautiful. It really sets the scene for this movie while being unique but also kind of classic in a way and it's kind of haunting and beautiful and it's just it's everything you want and a great score and He had done the last. Black man in san francisco is also one of my favorite scores of this past decade as well as homecoming series..

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