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It's also about like misogyny. And it's just so stupid good and so scary if you want like actual good hetty. Invasion horror. That's a great episode episode four, hundred of Pseudo pod. All right, let's take to coup. Joe. Believe it our fun facts corner. All lead us off here just as a reminder as to how just horrific the accident was in Stephen King's life. Here's a short list of the injuries that he recovering from while writing this book. A collapsed right lung multiple fractures of his right leg scalp laceration and of course, a broken hip. Now, PHOENIX I don't have none of those things and I ain't written shit. So like any one of those things is a huge deal. Would like take a long time to heal from and would affect your life forever yeah. So we gave this book a lot of crap but also like good Lord, Stephen King is the Terminator of mass market. Fiction. I like that. Okay. So mine is I got bored the other day. And to do some math. Which heard if you stacked up all Stephen King's bestsellers that we are going to cover in hardback if originally published that way and in paperback if not, the stack would be exactly to the inch as tall as Stephen Standing on Phoenix's shoulders without shoes. Goddamn Madman, isn't no one ever told you that. I would like to thank. For doing our posters like Vaca-, or fishermen graphic design Bryan Burnett for being our archivist. And with that, our entire patriotic community for support in the program. Monetarily. Tony, Magistrelli, and Michael, blue in for their continuing support in the academic world. Of course the Stephen and Tabitha King. Foundation for the charitable work they are doing in the state of Maine. And Use Stephen Oh, and you Phoenix, and of course you dear listener. Thank you for listening. Next week will be talking about the movie adaptation, which is. Boy You know they nailed in that it is also somethin-. This is real. So. Watch. that. Watch the movie alien is. unparalleled. masterpiece join US next week for talks here then..

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