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On the podcast. Some all the way through And everything Just got done talking about the nfl. Talking about matt jones. Getting or cam. Newton getting released from the pats and Mack jones being on next quarterback at the home for Bill bell check in the patriots With this a macho soon be extra camden Think teams like the panthers steelers lines in houston texans Definitely think about Trying to get a camden Especially teams like the panthers. Lions and Houston texans on considering that. They don't louis have Quarterback that is definitively better than cam newton at this time but without we'll see noon might have to take a step back from football for a little bit here but mack jones. He was flawless during the preseason. And i feel like that is why on the patriots are Wanting to have a metro lead this team jones had eight. Preseason drives that led to a field goal or touchdown so That's you something jones on the shows you that determine and everything and when someone's determined like that definitely gotta take a chance on them then before that With the second segment that talked about Nba will paul millsap going back to the nets lamarcus aldridge possibly going back to the nets. In was aldridge is trying to. I returned back to the nba after having a career ending injury illness. Whatever you want to say to put him out of commission for the rest of mba season last year. And then i also talked about benson wanting out of philly possibly and with another team and then With the first segment of today's podcast talked about college football with oc bidding minnesota a forty five to thirty one headlines for this game. He stroud starting quarterback for this team had some efforts but then calms down and plays while in the second half ends a game with two hundred ninety four yards and four touchdowns. Thirteen point two Throwing For that game then. Obviously minnesota's running back who carried the low too much for this team ended up tearing his achilles. This seems like But The missiles running back up irham had thirty carries one hundred sixty three yards rushing with two touchdowns pretty much through three quarters history. He didn't play at all during that. Fourth quarter then. Some other games other college football games to look at this saturday you have jordan versus clemson That being best game on The saturday and then obviously you have a an alabama verse in miami florida Pensa versus wisconsin and a iowa versus indiana To round out. The big games on saturday but with this This move onto the next segment here. with The champions league Group stage draws with a city versus mansions or manchester city versus Pse and manchester united versus the. I can't pronounce his But ville villarreal I is the name So let's get onto the last thing with today's podcast is going to be predicting what teams will become an out of what group stages so with this I'll go in alphabetical order here. i With the first group stage roof stage. A you have a manchester city Ps g r. b. a leap zig and Club burgu Steady being at it england. Pse being out. France a leaks thick of being out. Germany imbruglia being belgium so obviously with the first group stage. We all know why manchester city and what petri is going to bring to the table here with advanced city. Obviously you have a cabinet brenna. A sergio guerrero were hime sterling at the helm there Then with oz. Ups you have a a messy neymar animal imbaba to work with here but overall i think One of these one of those teams will be on the team to Naked out of the group stage With this when you look at I what manchester city has to bring with their squad. Obviously like i said you have the kevin roy Probably one the best Strikers in the game if not the best striker And then you have Over hume sterling Fast on quick off the pitch And also you have players like gunderson Guna one Benjamin mendy Incumbency there Obviously you have Addison as a keeper who isn't too bad but Can definitely get the job done at the very least gabriel j zoos bernardo silva companies. So reno how stacked of squad mattress. The city is but obviously with appear on. You know what you're getting on. You obviously have a messy a neymar in. I'm speculating in a- anticipating that Imbaba will play for this team And outside of that squad You also have Sergio ramos who for a long time was arrival of Messy going back to those Madrid barcelona matchups But it's colder seed now and talk about this for a quick sexist seed now with those two so called rivals back then now. Teaming up together stephanie. Something cool to watch definitely like it's like a jordan Rodman type of deal but Outsider ramos Yobs de maria to work with us And company But overall that combination of of messi neymar imbaba's going to be very dangerous. And i prayed to any teams trying to defend that but with that have pg come out of the Out of a group stage a but moving on here And next up we have Groups h. b. we have madrid. liverpool as c. porto and a c milan madrid being out of spain liverpool being at england Porto being out of a poll poland. I think and milan being got italy so With this obviously obviously with a liverpool you would think i with Obviously a most law saudi-omani In company at the helm there Also you got a van dyke in the backfield on as a centre back And a roberto for me knows well as an attacker so overall This team is i like. I like watching this team. Because he played. Play style of football. That i would Like to watch him to be a part of. If i was on a soccer team with this i think I think that liverpool does a good job of pressing after losing the ball and try to Create a fast Opportunity after they take the ball so with that. Obviously you're going to have players like Salah monte nido getting there looks on alex oxygen champlin. His wall who is young knows how to play He is twenty eight years old right now so he still has some youth in them. So i'm excited to see What this liverpool on club wall tried to accomplish here With a version van dyke back in the maximum back from injury but With this i think that pool is going to be the team to beat in this group stage all. I think that i'm looking at their team looking at with a done. The past in champions league obviously willing their fair share titles and all that stuff They're definitely going to have a bullseye on her back at the very least. But i'm moving on here to crusade see We have Sporting club de portugal So porto portugal For that group stage be But moving on here to groups ain't see bursa dorman as well I jack and A team out of turkey and which i cannot pronounce whatsoever but with this I'm not sure Through win this. Who who in this stage but Overall if i had to go one team. I would probably go with dortmund here. I think dormant definitely has the experience champions league in that would definitely be a huge factor for them all at all but With other teams like is jax on their team and The team had a portugal's wild could create some Records as well..

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