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Connecticut, John Landis, Michael Jackson discussed on Rush Limbaugh


I'd like to say that I am thankful for thank before kinetico water softener deer. Glassware. Simply sparkled. Thanks, dear. But I am thankful for Connecticut. Oh, look at my hair. It hasn't been their circus. Smooth says LV mom. Yes. Your hair looks lovely. But I had I'm like ri- thankful far kinetico because my clothes are like, brighter and south off sweetheart. That's wonderful. Son that kinetico's Bill like your old man a tank near should be. Thank everyone. Listen, I was gonna say that I'm thankful. Our families save the bundle this year, not having to replace inexpensive water heater. Thanks to our kinetico. Water softener latches say so a water softeners and assist in south Texas. So get one that you can depend on go with Connecticut team at six five six Pierre that six five six P U R E. Six say, so. Take a trip back with this week's rock almanac. What's going on rock and roll lovers at sandy west wanted take a journey back with me to this week in rock and roll history. Start back in one thousand nine hundred sixty were Ray Charles went to number one on the US singles chart with Georgia on my mind has cover of hoagy Carmichael nineteen thirty standard became the first of three number one hits for the singer this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty Blondie had their fifth UK number one single and third number one of the year with the tide is high the song written by reggae star. John hope this week in one thousand nine hundred three Michael Jackson's fourteen minute film, thriller debuts at the metro crest theatre in Los Angeles, directed by John Landis. The short film will become the most popular video in MTV history. When the network begins airing it in December, many of Jackson's famous French show up at the premiere including Diana Ross, Eddie Murphy and Warren Beatty this week in one thousand nine hundred five we built this city by starship hits number one on the billboard hot one hundred..

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