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It's been up and down here in Boston a disappointment overall. The Celtics are slumping right now they've got three in a row. Five last seven in Toronto outscored in the second quarter, thirty six to thirteen the raptors one one eighteen to ninety five the Boston coach Brad Stevens on his defense real. I mean, there's a real the reality is that we're taking a lot of shortcuts not being a solid as we have been in the past in the last two games. I thought we were really good against Milwaukee than so it's not like we don't know what we need to do. But we just for whatever reason if taken too many shortcuts. You can't do that against any team. Certainly tonight. They exposed us and played great Pasco Siaca revelation to the raptors twenty five points, eight rebounds, the at four three pointers the raptors one eight of nine there are two games behind Milwaukee in the east Denver with five straight wins. Just one bind Goldstein in the west nuggets over Oklahoma City, one twenty one to one twelve Nikolai Yokich, thirty six points, ten assists, nine rebounds. What's going on with the Knicks? They lost eighteen a row they lost eighteen in a row in home. Suddenly back to back home wins three the last four overall in New York, they trailed Orlando by sixteen down twelve entering the fourth quarter and Fenway. They outscore the magic thirty thirteen in the fourth quarter and one one eight one zero three there's a tie for first in the NHL metropolitan division. Islanders capital house. Locked to Calgary three one Washington with four goals in the second period was seventy two t j o. She had a pair of goals for the cats in the ACC. Syracuse had the behalf but Belet North Carolina ninety three to eighty five the freshman, Cody..

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