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Continues to leg behind where it was around this time before the pandemic hit, but some areas are still seeing some restrictions across the country. Open table says that in California Sunday night seated diners were about 96%. Where they were during the same day back in 2019 on Gina. Survey. Idiot. Bloomberg for News radio. 600 Kogo. Thank you very much. Gina use radio 600 Kogo breaking news. An armed and dangerous man on the loose in South San Diego, a fugitive trying to escape bounty hunters crashed into a tree and then got out and ran away. It happened about three o'clock on Ocean View Boulevard near Queen MCA. In Mountain View, Police have begun a manhunt. This past week, City officials pumped up the anticipated reopening of Broadway. But now police are investigating the shootings of three people, including a four year old girl in Times Square. See. The four year old was shot in the leg. A 23 year old woman was shot in the leg and a 43 year old woman was shot in the foot, all hospitalized in stable condition. The gunfire erupted during a dispute among a group of men. No word on why, As more people get vaccinated, the percentage of San Diegans with covered 19 is going down. 190 people tested positive for coronavirus Sunday. There were no deaths reported one metric county health officials are taking a look at the positive test case rate out of 9200 tested just 2% were positive. That lowered the 14 day rolling average tow 1.3%, and that is a record low for this year. If you have a student going toe high school, they may be able to get a covert vaccine this week. Sharp Healthcare and U C San Diego health will be hosting pop up covert vaccination sites at several high schools in San Diego. The sights will be opened this week and could remain open over the next few weeks in an attempt to get students vaccinated before summer break. Suzanne Shea of Sharp Healthcare tells reporting partner 10 News. The provider is mobilizing staff at all levels to administer. The vaccines are pulling in our nurses are physicians or pharmacists are hospital administration. It's all hands on deck early to get ready for all of this teens, 16 and up can sign up for the Fizer vaccine at the school sites, But the FDA could soon allow students 12 and up to get the shot at him. A coven KOGO news The president of San Diego Unified says that while most students are expected to be back full time in the fall, not everyone will be Richard Barrera says. Since schools we opened admit April about a half of all students are back in the classroom, and he told AM seven sixties Mark Larsen that some parents have told the district that they don't want their kids back in school. When the new school year begins. They've had somebody in their family that has died of coded It's because they've got people in their family that have health conditions, and they're still worried. And you know the students are not vaccinated. Ferreira says The school district cannot require students to get vaccinated without the state Legislature passing a law We're obviously highly encouraging students to get vaccinated when successful, we're gonna create opportunities at War club Albert Koga News can the U. S reach herd immunity in the fight against the virus. Health officials have said it would take 70 to 85% of people getting fully vaccinated to reach her immunity. Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, says it's important not to get too wrapped up in the concept. We need to be careful not to have heard immunity being this bright line that we're definitely going to get to They will still be people who decide not to be vaccinated. There will still be a question about how long the immunity last visor has started the process to obtain full FDA approval of its vaccine for all Americans, 16 and older. Rachel Sutherland Fox News. It's not a question of if but when trophy, Lundberg Popper, publisher of the Lundberg Survey, which tracks gas prices, told Fox News Radio how the closure of the colonial pipeline because of a cyber attack is going to effect. Gas prices generation of that and the success of dealing with substitute delivery in volume. Cannot yet be known, but it will add to price. The question is just whether it will be a short clip of a small amount or something much more serious. The Colonial by blind has become the victim of a ransomware cyber attacks of forced to shut down a major portion of the pipeline that carries roughly 45% of the East Coast fuel supplies. And then there's the Rock Hall of Fame..

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