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Name. Britain's not answering. I think Holly was answering. You have reached the voicemail box four eight. We're to leave your message Britney Brittany. What up? Hi, this is Pat Garrett. Hi, we're in a band called the main you're on live on Facebook dot com, and we almost released her phone numbers of the world. But we didn't. We just wanted to say thanks for calling calling for ordering. I record. Bad and making this all possible means more than we could ever say. So thank you have a good one. We got Nick. We'll see. Nicholas. Hi, Nick Ellis. Hi, this is Pat and Garrett from aband- called the main. It's probably delayed. This really fucking weird for you. This is crazy. On the phone with another girl. And then I get a phone call. This is that's amazing. Well, like like, we said before we just wanted to call the say thank you for for for ordering the record and supporting us wh-what bundled. Did you order? Cd the U R. Okay, CD. And then the book that comes along with it. Heck? Yeah. That's that's awesome. Well, thank you nNcholas. Thank you. Yeah. We're me. Here have a good one. Just. That I pad battery. Hello. That's buki. That's super scary. Danielle. Hi and Garrett from the main. Hello. We are calling to say thank you for ordering are brand new album. And we can't wait for you to hear it. Hope you're having a fantastic day. We'll see a show we love you peace out. We're gonna one more. And then we'll let you guys check out some merch. Derive in ring ring. Back. Oh. Without you bring back. Cost. This was just the one that everyone had but has been. Has been forwarded to an automated. That one doesn't do the number now. Oh, wow. We'll leave a message for prepaid. At the tone. Please record. You message when you finished recording. You may hang up or press one for more options. Page. This is Pat Garrett, and we are from the the main the rock rock band. And we wanted to call the thank you for supporting us and for ordering our album, and we hope that you're having a wonderful day. We love you take care piece out. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. So we we're gonna show y'all some of the merch that we have with preorder. I guess I we have some physical things which may maybe we could call in one of the one of our models. Call on get into model model. Fit. It's not gonna fit him. But he's going to hold it. It's gonna pretty he's a is a hand model. We don't have many left. We're very very very low. But if you if you came out for the fest, you would have seen them on fake models out on in in a window. But they're here right here in they look pretty and they're very comfortable. Really bad job. I can't see what I'm doing. There you go in the sleeves. Oh, look at that for well fake for of course, fake fur. But comfy is ask them. Logo buttons. Oh, look at that. That is beautiful Nain in a nice. Cursive font, smells, great would. And now. This comes in the yellow bundle. I believe. Yes. Right. Yes. Many bundles. So we have euro K makeup mayors, and they come in these cool little bags, and I was saying if you live in the UK or Europe, these would be good for your coins, all those coins you guys have coin purse. So it comes to the bone going burst. I'm getting the hell ya from the guys over there. Yeah. You're well. You look great. Thank you. I'm really Selim product over here. I think. And then well. This is somewhat of a mockup, but this will be the your k- keychain. And also, the necklaces the necklaces are not as big keychain is a little bit bigger. But you know, you get an idea cute. It's cute. It's Hanes your crafty. You can make anyone eerie logo. What if your craft? You can put it in make it an eerie. Yeah. For you know, people are crafty. Yeah. Cool. And then and then here. Yeah, we're going to talk about some brand new items that were adding to the online store at the end of this chat or not not the end. But even here in a bit after John Jared play a couple of songs. So first off we have a brand new pillowcase set. You are. Okay. Pillowcase set. Available for the first time tonight tight pretty soon all people who like sleeping. Yeah. And and you can get it in a in a bundle with your choice of a blue vinyl. Sorry. A maroon vinyl which we will get to or a compact disk and that'll be a bundle. That'd be available tonight for the first time. And then now introducing for all you vinyl people out there. Maroon. Limited addition one thousand copies vinyl new variant beautiful. You are K so pretty to complete the four color ways. See that it is. Now, it is now complete and those will be available tonight. And I imagine they will go pretty fast. So if you if you like one keep watching the chat and after John Jared play final we will announce when they're live, and where are so. Oh, yes. And then now we have two shirts that were featured at eighty one twenty three fest that sold out extremely fast. And

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