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Current and former yale you that you hear exact ethic back after exit you're standing on the thirty one year old if you have time after time and time again i don't i don't know how long you stay on this hour before let me come rescue but that's fine i'll turn around treat you like gilligan's island i'll leave you right there and then i come back in a year if you change of mind i'm only island up okay whatever i am this is what we know scale doug mark cooper mhm in that are dependent on zeke zeke russia's four left in seventy five yards in a game that prescott is all in feather in forty eight guys did you know in seventeen that he seventeenth make sure we are last year and the thirty two teams quarterback protein you maybe have a couple of guys got injured so you probably got thirty five quarterback that would qualify for the qb all that and that seventeen which means what you need middle of the romaine lettuce lesser charges she had only been speaking speaking for like thirty seconds thirty seven thirty seventeen of his forty eight game four minutes four and a half minutes dak prescott in seventeen forty against him he's been the two hundred fewer yards passing that's the same number blake auto fair transformational about bet number what what is it that by blake bortles i get it quarterback of the most important position but not middle of the road quarterback which you're guy though by hand that on tape now it'll of the road quarterback that that would have numbers had it all of famer shannon i don't know what hey you don't lose your credentials all of fame going in the mind you might go up there couple of years near boston is gonna be setting out on the street still olive would have gotten you you you love that you love i got a bunch you know you don't vote for me i mean it's a no brainer i don't know why you won't that went through says you guy oh is it my turn is your child thank you very much i cannot tell you how wrong this is from whoever these three exacts are in a very low around me you know a whole lot of people are gonna eat a whole lot of crow thinks this young man because because i will give you is zeke you'll elliott is an extraordinary talent he is hall of fame bound he will join you someday hall of fame but he is not the most valuable dallas cowboy if you actually watching study the cowboys the way i do these leader of that team and it's not even close is the quarterback the clutch playmaker on this team is the quarterback which is why over the last three years dak prescott has led the national football league in game winning dry dak prescott did not have a number one receiver he had any real for width until mid season last year he was stuck with dez bryant in you continually criticized the point of condemning dimming dez bryant for the way he comported himself the ralph's the he failed to run for dak prescott in the first two years and we're does now god bless them were gonna make it out he's making a killing but but again he became a shell of self and dak prescott had no connection with them in indian no use for it and then the heavens opened up in jerry jones should have been any executive of the year for the move that he made to go acquire amari cooper in what happened dak prescott prescott after he got a true number one receiver who he immediately clicked in vibe to it on and off the field what happened dak prescott went seven and one over the last eight games is that good seven and one beaten billy twice he was third and the nfl in completions he was fourth in passing yards over the last eight games that's pretty good this is top five stuff he would stop for thing completion percentage he was fifth in air distance over the last eight games and that means.

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