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So I'm flying high. I fucking love the the football that social or has mentioned United plan and Kevin we back baby. We. We ever remember. Now like a month ago. I was saying arsenal was back. What it's. Yeah. Yeah. That's what a what a fucking time. That was man. I also think like hot no met Wimbley is just not intimidating at all. And teams are definitely taking advantage of that. But. Martin you're talking about like five years of fucking like disappointment in. Hey, like try like almost like fourteen years fifteen years of just pure just agony. So that only there, but I don't wanna wanna hear I hear a guy named the light. I knew the lead, and I lost it you were born into darkness. All you knew was darkness. I tasted the lie. I was like it's I flew too close to the sun and plummeted down. You just lived in the fucking trash human fuck. The greeks. Anyway. Going going. I'm just like bitter. This is going to be my bitter podcast. Tottenham? I don't know, man. This game could have been like buck in like six one. Like, I just don't understand how Tottenham can just have so many chances and just bottle so many chances, and like I want to say unfortunate for Tottenham, the heya had probably one of the greatest, you know, what this is probably my favorite. Goalkeeping performance I've seen since Tim Howard in the World Cup against Belgium. This is you're being bias because my favorite is still the snow game last year when he had fourteen saves like that was just a goalkeeper class. Really good. I mean, his footwork to stop save his feet. Mo my God, honestly, brick wall absolute brick fucking wall e unbelievable, and I feel bad because I almost forgot the tweet this out, but I was going to tweet like a couple of months ago under the Marino rain, Martin people were saying like, oh like Davidoff. Hey, like people use to say he was world class. Like look at like he had given up as many goals as he did the season before already and like, you know, and like people were questioning his greatness this. This is like a fuck you to the haters like I'm still here. I'm considered one of the best and. I do remember I posted like a like a meme or amend a medium on our Facebook of data has like a brick wall. Like live footage to have day, a brick wall. And someone said like, oh, do you mean Allison Becker who has like shut the fuck up? Oh, no, no. But like I it's a fair shout. He was trying to say and like Alison I still think has been the best keeper of the season. But like the guy I have is day. You know, like, hey was probably had the in terms of best individual goalkeeping performances all year long. It gets a top side. I would have to say, hey, right. Like, I have seen great performances all year. But debited, hey, I think had the most standout before where this game could easily tied them could easily won this. If it wasn't for him. Oh, absolutely. And I think that's what sets him in a very different class than the other supposed- top goalkeepers in the league. And when when if you wanna take the top goalkeepers in the league, at least, what the media says, you have you have Beker, you have Edison, you have Lauridsen you have the heya, and I truly truly truly do not think that any of those goalkeepers can ever be even close to Davidoff. Well, hold on. Wait, wait. Only because of what sits in front of them. What sits in front of them is a fantastic Liverpool defense it was led by Virgil Van Dyke. The best Senator defender in the league who have said that on multiple occasions Liverpool also possesses one of the best defenses in the league. This is where I I agree with Manchester City same with Manchester City taught same with Tottenham. Now, look what fucking sits in his in front of you, Phil Jones drunk pieces shit. You have Chris mauling that Obama impersonator who thank God, he's benched. Now, you have old Ashley young who..

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