Clarence Sam, Johnson Space Center, Walter Becker discussed on America's Morning News


One thousand four hundred seventy four days of space flight experience with the departure of just three that four years and two weeks in space which then a biochemist set of breakneck pace on all three of her space station expeditions continually asking for more and more scientific research to do she even experimented on two up dare trying to add some pizazz to the standard threes dried meals tortillas transformed into apple ties well in space quits in was supposed to fly back in june after a hack you're in space but one an extra seat opened up on the soya's she jumped at the chance to stay in orbit another three months only one other american year spaceman scott kelli has spent longer in space on a single mission except for the past week woods since at her mission hurry by she said she's hungry for pizza they can't wait to use of regular flushing toilets against she is also eager to reunite with her husband clarence sam's also a biochemist who works at johnson space center in houston walter becker who guitars to basis and cofounder of the 1970s and 80s rock group steely dan which sold more than forty million albums and produce such hit singles as real into the years ricky don't lose that number deacon blues and peggy passed away yesterday at the age of sixty seven his of official website announced his death yesterday with no further details donald fagan said in a statement yesterday that his steely dan bandmate was not only an excellent itartass the great songwriter in also smart is a within hysterically funny fagan rhody intends to keep the music we created together and alive as long as i can with the steely dan banned photos deal dan have been touring recently becker had missed performance his earlier.

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