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And weather together every ten minutes on the fives. He's Chuck row. Five northbound before you get you the one twenty six right around the truck scales there. There's a crash that's blocking the slow lane your backup. We'll began right about magic mountain Parkway. Also hearing about trouble on the fourteen northbound at Newhall avenue, a crash there that is clearing off to the right shoulder. Now Sigler in Pasadena to ten westbound at lake avenue overturned big rig truck had caught fire. So there's a lot going on there. The off ramp is blocked for sure and they're talking about the right three lanes being blocked as well for the cleanup jam up starts at about saying Gabriel boulevard. Eastbound you've got the outlook delays there. Nothing blocked on the eastbound side. But you're jammed up starting at about mountain sake. Co even the one thirty four seeing some slowing approaching the two ten starting around the Rosebowl areas are not a big backup for that. Eastbound at one thirty four and I'll hamburger ten eastbound before new avenue a stalled vehicle in the middle lanes. There was also a stolen San demus fifty seven northbound at via Verde trying to get that cleared out of the center divider, Orange County fifty five northbound four seventeenth street has learning from lanes. They're just having to what has been a slow drive out of Costa Mesa leaving the four zero five I heard from a tipster on the twenty two westbound at LaSalle street, a crash clearing out of the middle lanes there. You're backed up coming away from the fifty five and in lake forest on five southbound at El Toro road stunned. I guess we could call it a stalled car, it's a large toy car that's blocking the carpool lane. So watch for break there to get that cleared up. Your next report seven twenty five I'm Chuck row with more traffic reports. More often Kennex ten seventy NewsRadio. Hey, good evening, everybody. What a day today. We're gonna continue this great weather all the way out to the extent of really nice anywhere between eighty to eighty one by Friday. We pump up to eighty three. Then we go right back.

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