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Insurance all guests join US via the Shell Pennzoil performance line alongside former. NFL General Manager. Mike Tammy Anthony Salter filling in for the guys today. We we just got done talking about Jerry Jones Jason Garrett and the reasons why Jerry Jones might be holding off off on making a coaching change. What we know that there are two instances in the NFL? Mike where the ownership group did not make a change. And if you would have asked asked me I don't know more. I won't answer for you Mike. But if you ask me I thought Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons probably gone around mid season and and I thought for sure that Doug Marrone head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars was likely gone. Following the Jaguars losing season but shod con the owner of the Jaguars decided to keep Doug marrone and Arthur blank. The owner of the Falcons decided to go with consistency and continuity and kept the Quin. Why do you think in today's Today's NFL? Were the league is so quick to fire coaches. We just all with the credit kitchens and the browns after one year that Dan Quinn and Doug Marrone were saved ultimately Mike are those are really good points Every situation can be different. Anthony and I think in Dan Quinn's case his relationship with the players is beyond reproach and He took a team to the Super Bowl. Recently has a great relationship shit with Arthur blank. I think those were all factors in the decision. I think the other the other factor here with Arthur blank is that he saw turnaround and now it happened way too late the season was over. The Falcons were one seven but he saw the changes that Dan Quayle had made during the bye week week they paid off and they paid off immediately. Because that's when the Falcons came out of the by went into New Orleans sack drew brees six times and held the saints. It's out of the end zone. Pulled off the okay. Yeah I was GonNa say that's a good point I would add to that too. Is like everything you just said and I would add where he marris going to that side. the ball during the bye week so I think that made a huge difference. You know go into that game ever since then. They only lost two games. They lost those back to back games to the buccaneers ears. And then the home loss to the scene but I think all those factors and winning four straight the and really tip the balance to In Mr Blanks. Mind to keep Dan for another year. That one that one made sense after Arthur blank decided to stick with Dan. Quinn the one that I was really surprised in apologize. My Voice Sir. The one that I was more surprised with was Doug marrone being retained in Jacksonville Adam Schefter. ESPN NFL insider discuss why shod Khan and the Jaguars ownership group decided to keep around. And why would they want to see with marrone. Now that Tom Coughlin's gone the the specter of Tom Coughlin this franchise and he was such a strong presence and such a strong personality that I think the owners WanNa see how doug marrone and and Dave Cobb will will function in Tom. Coughlin Lewis Environment with a different set of rules where that discipline. That existed is lightened up. Some where they feel like they. He could have relationships of players that they didn't have before that makes sense on the surface. Mike you've been in front offices before former general manager do you. You think that will work. Do you think that shod con me. The right decision and saying we want to see what you do. Doug Monroe not you with Tom. Coughlin overshadowing you. Well we've talked about this before I had the privilege of being. Nfl Front offices for over twenty years. I never once issued a fine now. That's not to say that I didn't get behind closed doors with head coach to say. Hey I think there's something we really need to do for the organization but ultimately from a fine perspective I always felt like things like fines. playtime that ultimately had to be decided by the head coach and the players knew that's who they reported to obviously as it relates to things like contracts tracks. That's what you have a front office for. But when from Jacksonville Jaguars player and I don't know who report to because Tom Coughlin is issuing a fine. Because I'm sitting on a bench like as what was reported in the Leonard for net situation. That's really hard for Doug Marrone to be put in a position of success because now if you're a player am I try and please the head coach and I try to please Tom Coughlin. And I think the world of time he's One of the best coaches we've had. He's a great man but in that situation. There's a time time and place and I think to put the head coach in the best position possible you have to defer to him. I actually have some experience with this It was just for one year in two thousand hosted Anthony. I was in the Front Office of the New York jets. Coach ballot check had left to go coach. The Patriots and Bill parcells was the Executive Vice President Football Operations in Alberta. It was our head coach and one of the many fascinating things about ourselves that I got to see firsthand. Anthony was the wisdom of him. Saying like look you're not Kazimi around here a lot. We're going to talk every day. We're GONNA talk about strategy. We're talking about signings but these players need to know that this is Albert team. Not My team and coach parcells sells one of his way. He was hardly ever at practice He was just one of those guys where he felt like he knew that outgrow needs to be put in position of authority. And I and I wonder if Tom Retrospectively looking back may have done some things differently because the NFL. It's a quasi military situation. Where oh you need chain of command you need authority and maybe inadvertently no coach often? You.

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