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Money coming up at twelve twenty five w w j news time is now twelve fifteen time for sports and we say good afternoon willy how you doing ryan jackie yourself i'm great ready for the weekend already it's closer right that's just be known as weekend woolier i just wait for the cup final resuming tonight though jackie from las vegas golden knights playing host to the capitals and i coached terrar galant talked about the keys to vegas trying to go up to oh in the series were a little bit loose last night in the these on we got to be a little bit tighter and again that comes from having some time off and you know you can work on up in practice but you know what you want to make sure guys are getting hurt practice so you do as much as again it wasn't brutal last night but it wasn't a lot better than the winnipeg series that it was the first game last night face off tonight is set for just after eight o'clock i turned into baseball tigers looking to bounce back from last night's loss of the angels they play game three or four games set tonight downtown the game set the showcase shohei ohtani returning to the mound in search of his fifth win of the year detroit will kind of with mike fires you can hear it on ninety seven on the tickets starting at seven ten lions also back on the practice field today is they continue ota's as allen park office coordinator jim bob cooter says there will be some changes to the offenses season but he's unsure how much will be noticeable to the naked i try to get better think we've identified a couple of ways we think we can do that obviously i'm not gonna tell you anything about that but but no we're i mean that's the process every year it's really flawed on my part if if we stay stagnant and our part we got to adjust to the players we got to adjust to two different things going on in the.

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