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I'm Mark Caesar. This update is brought to you by MF Plumbing. The city of Austin says it is cleared out to homeless camp underneath. Ben White and 45 homeless have now been moved to a hotel. Just yesterday, the city along with service providers, cleared out two camps and moved the homeless there to temporary housing. Maria Pina works near the Old Rodeway Inn, which is now a city shelter and was worried when she learned it would be used to help the homeless. But she tells cakes and so far so good. APD has done a great job. You know They're out front there every day. So, yeah, we're pleasantly surprise. The city has relocated dozens of homeless so far, but officials still worn shelter space is limited. John Cooley NewsRadio K will be just in public health has confirmed that the Delta Covid variant is now in Travis County is really isn't surprising. Considering Williams and County confirmed cases weeks ago and Travis counties numbers have taken such a sharp upward turn. Lack of vaccinations remains the focus of health officials and Austin public Health Interim Director Adrian Serb says the clock is ticking to reach the local herd immunity goal to get the fully vaccinated, bringing to 70% by September 1st. Four cases of Delta have been confirmed, but it's believe the number is higher than that. And officials will hold a press conference later this morning, where it's expected they'll detail new risk based guidelines and recommendations for more restrictions. Patrick Osborne, NewsRadio Kotjo, The city of Georgetown is going to get $8 million in federal stimulus money. Finance Director Lee Wallace says they're getting ready to spend that money. We have $4 million This year in 2021 can get the other four million in June of 2022 infrastructure will get some of the money. Plus they'll have some for the police department in Georgetown Governor Greg Abbott continues to slam the Democrats who are in D. C. He says many of the claims that they and President Biden are making about Texas are simply not true. President Biden and the Democrats Must stop the misinformation. Texas is very simply making it easier to vote. And harder to cheat. 804 K. LBJ. Here's Austin's on Time traffic.

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