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Sixty acceleration limit and we have beginning of boost facial down for ten to their condition the second stage engine for operation standing by for Pico. Shortly we had the boost phase chill down and we have Biko booster engine. Cutoff and we have good atlas-centaur separation indication of pre-start on the RL ten standing by for Muslim. And we have ignition on the ten seen good response from oral ten operating parameters in center body rates at the beginning of the burn Congratulations Steer Jet Rocketdyne team Rl. Ken Team as today's mission. Mark the flight of the five hundred production L. Ten engine. This is Atlas Mission Control at t plus minutes nine seconds. Gonzalez's just confirmed the successful completion of the early days of today's flight and all systems. Continue to operate nominally. The mission is currently in the first three Centaur. Engine Burns Lockheed Martin. Space craft is designed to provide survivable protected highly secure and jam prove extremely high and Super High Frequency Global Communications for High Priority Military Ground Sea. And it's of the United States Australia. Great Britain Canada and The Netherlands. The satellites designed to augment and eventually replace the older milstar military strategic and tactical relay satellite network. Then you birds used audible spot beans directed towards the ground to relay communications and cross links between the satellites. Allow them to relay communications directly between one another rather than going through ground stations. They're also using frequency hopping radio technology as well as phased array antennas that can adapt their radiation patterns in order to block out potential sources of jamming. The mission also carried a small secondary payload which was deployed thirty one. It's after launch. Following the second burn of the center stage in the secondary payload named tedious to is based around a suitcase sized twelve unit keeps at platform and carries multiple. Us government payloads providing optical calibration and satellite laser engine in support of space demand winners a similar secondary payload named Tibia one was deployed during the launch of the Ahe five-set light on the previous atlas. Five Launch Back in August twentieth. Nineteen this flight. Also Mack. The third launch an atlas five rocket and the eleventh for the Atlas Five and. It's five five one configuration and time that take a brief at some of the other stories making these insights this week with a science report and you study wants that some covert one thousand nine patients who appear to have cleared the virus based on throat. Swabs may actually still be harboring it in saliva and fecal matter. The study reported in the annals of internal medicine is based on one hundred and thirty-three covert nineteen patients admitted to a Beijing Hospital between January twentieth and February the Twenty Seventh Researches identified.

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