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Pajamagram dot com. Go around the league twelve yesterday afternoon. The Mets catcher they started Wilson Romo. She'll absolute this way. I don't have to any more by removed. Trade Syndergaard for him. I don't really I when I heard that. I was very happy about it. Great job, by the way by Noah, Syndergaard, channeling all God. God bless him. You saw what he did. Yeah. Well, first of all he ripped and why we're always wanting to trade him. Martinez. Specifically. I said why because she said, no, I said why said well, you should have just. He just went right? The martino. And I tell you to and I'm gonna give this guy. You know? I love this guy because this is kind of the same vein. Mike Vaccaro on Sunday. If you read the post on Sunday, generally, I don't get the post on Sunday. But it got it Sunday because I wanted to read all the jets off after checking Mike Vaccaro. At a spot on audible about how you and I talk about social time with the players the players, don't they don't get it. Like the fans get know it states. You never gonna be had emotional feeling of fans at two different totally different. You're going to be gone maybe somewhere else, but another team you and this fan is going nowhere. And we're not making any money off of it. Either. Mary, ed. Okay. We're not getting paid the beef fans. And he basically said this about how with the wilpon van wagon, and how all the no met fan wants to trade Syndergaard. And it was just a you got to read it. It was it was typical Mike mccarroll swat on get feeling like a fan would feel it. I gotta tell you. I was never worried. They were trading Noah Syndergaard for JT Muto was I worried that they would trade Noah Syndergaard way deal. No. I was never worried. No, I was never worried. They were only getting JT. Oh, understand that. Okay. I thought that were they looking at potentially making a deal if they were going to get a lot back like JT until sure I was never worried about it. But at some point you have to decide to fold them and the Marlins are asking for JT ryobu. That's their prerogative. We're going to see how this out. We'll see where are you to get back? But at some point if you're Brodie van wagon, and instead of waiting for something that I always thought it was a long shot to begin with. You've gotta say we got to move on it. And so in a perfect world. I have wanted JT real Muto. Yes. I was willing to trade. Miranda Nimmo Andres Jimenez, and call today was that ever enough? Probably not was willing to deal. Resolve nemo. No, I wasn't. But I was certainly willing to give up a lot. I think the number one prospect in your farm system. Plus, Brandon Nimmo is a lot. Yeah. What's the Marlins wouldn't commit to it? You've got to move on. So Israel Bhutto the best catcher available. Yes. But it came at a cost. So now to me it came down to the free agents and Wilson romo's to me is a better fit than. Yes. Mardi gras for a few reasons. Number one. And hopefully, this is the last time I ever have to say this because I don't want to talk about gas money Grondahl when a guy gets benched. In the at World Series for Austin boards. You should probably worry you should pay attention to that. That's number one number two. I don't care about what defensive metric is measured that talks about pitch framing here. The things. I know I know this about defense. I know that throwing out baserunners can be calculated you can calculate. How often you throw a guy out? We'll sit at his career is above average Yaas Smadi Grondahl is below average. I know that we all know this and number two. Yes. Monte Grondahl led the league in passed balls like three times that's part of why the dodgers bench his asthma postseason. I like Wilson Rommel. So there are concerns about Wilson Rommel shirt, number one. He's got to stay healthy. But he is a very good header defensively. As far as throwing guys out is concerned. I'm using that metric because the other stuff we can only judge with our is Robert. Is better than ground out. And I think from a contract standpoint, it's a nice deal. So if they were gonna get JT RIA Muto to me, I preferred Wilson good thing about it too. And I love I love Wilson bring him in like a my only concern for him. Like, you said is the injury gets hurt a lot absolutely got its killed the Mets for years when he was with the nationals. But he's a good hitter. No doubt about it. It was a what was it two years? Nineteen million with a club option is that what it was very friendly decent contract. And if you're thinking of that Brody and mess around anymore. You know, what I do what I want as far as I can go to try to get removed. How it's not gonna happen. I can't mess around anymore. He signed sign Ron most immediately. And I thought that's great. Here's the problem. Can I tell you my problem as fans we hear about a good deal? And we say that's a great deal. They got Rommel's for two years nineteen million. That's a great deal that only matters. If you take the money, you saved and you. Big time. Elsewhere. They got familiar on a reasonable deal. They got Rommel's on a reasonable deal. They went financially neutral by bringing in Diaz and Cadeau own the shorter. Joe forget AJ Pollick assigned Bryce Harper outlook. Preaching to the choir. I know I am. I know you agree. I'd almost men fail. I know it's not gonna happen. But that's the frustrating part. Of course, it a good signing. It's good value. But now. Look couldn't agree with you. But that doesn't take away from the fact that it was a good move to bring move didn't mess around in a side immediately. Of course, I wanted. He's big no sign Bryce Harper now. Because Joe look at okay, they need a center fielder. Right. We all agree course, all of the center fielders out. There have negatives. AJ politics the best player out there. He is healthy Adam Jones is probably past his prime right trading for a guy like Byron Buxton. I love it. But the guy was awful last year. We sat down to the miners. Who knows how good he is. So where are you going? How are you getting that upgrade centerfield a true upgrade is signing generational player moving? Brandon Nimmo to center field. No doubt. That's the kind. You could even play the Hoppy the opposite wanna play centerfield. I'd let him play centerfield. Let's go. But I am curious how they address centerfield. I call up the raise and see if Tommy fans available. I call up the Blue Jays and ask about Kevin pillar. But the truth is not that good. The problem is none of these guys the mullahs values that move if they made that move offer. That move. Now, the met fan of fan base would go not. But they're not they're not even going to meet with it. Because. In essence, they have they're the same mid market team. They they were. Of course. And by the way, that doesn't mean these aren't good moves and they can't win. But Brody made a comment Brody said we're done with the F. Remember what he did that? He really isn't done with the there's still a lot of you know, if Peter Alonzo's and everyday first baseman if Stephen Matt's is healthy if Zack Wheeler does what he did last year. If Syndergaard is healthy, if Robbo is healthy, and whoever they signed for centerfield is probably going to be next to that guy. So if I'm at Rosario takes another step, so as he really changed anything when it comes to know. Well, I mean, look, you know, he said it nicely. I liked the way he said that. But it still comes down to like you said he's being creative. I think he's being as creative as you can be with ownership. That's not going to allow to go out and get the home run. It's on ownership. The only thing I blame Brody. For other words, use words. I'd like for you to back them up yards. That are empty me. Nothing to me. I don't know if it means something to you. But I just think that most of these guys the words you just gotta kinda let it go. You know what I mean? Because it's words exactly that and they all kind of say the same kind of thing in different ways, depending on what the situation now there are some who go the other way who sell you little and then deliver big, okay? Brian cashman. You're not going to these guys. Now, here's a look. That we all know that's nonsense from Kashmir that. Well, we all know it's nonsense from right? Well from the Mets themselves. Maybe that is what brody's China may who for all. We know brody's tried like hell to sell them on Harper Machado. Maybe he is sat there over and over and all of them telling you, we need the Siamese, and they just won't let it happen. Maybe I don't know that we don't know that with that said you you said this last week. It's not that JT mudo wouldn't be a great addition. It was what cost right? The Marlins cost was just too much. And now we'll see what Miami ends up with. I don't know what they're gonna end up with could it be this could backfire on good. They might wind up with remote off staying on the team who's not going to be happy about that say t-, real Muto. He ain't gonna be thrilled. We'll come back with your calls. We'll go around the league at twelve but didn't go to Robert here in the mid day until one o'clock this afternoon. Tell me forever about Smithtown Nissan. And if you're looking for a Nissan, well, really don't buy anywhere, but Smithtown science what the drive for many because nobody does it better than the one and only the immortal Craig FINA. And that's why Smithtown Nissan is one of the top dealerships in the entire world year after year. There's dependables the caused a.

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