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I knew my my audience in who in this area in san luis obispo i love it but i feel that it's always like five to ten years behind in terms of technology and so which is crazy we have a polytechnic university here and anyways home but come a lot of people before i launched the project when i was like hey i'm gonna i'm gonna launch this preorder campaign on kickstarted her and their eyes glaze over the kickstart or what what is crowd funding me like they had never heard of these terms before i'm like oh that's noted okay i'm going to spend a lot of my kickstarted campaign video in only marketing materials explaining how kickstarted or works because you know there's a lot of education that needs to go into this if i'm going to convince people to pledge to the campaign um and i was actually looking at the numbers of the stats kickstart or gives you once your campaign is successful and had four hundred eighteen backers two hundred and five it was their first time pledging on kick starter so that's half of the people you know they had to sign up for the site sink it with their credit card pick the reward that they want to pledge like there's so many steps in which i could have lost them um suggests explaining like hey this is how it works and um i also felt the you know the pressure not only to launch a successful campaign in make it on my own but i also felt that okay.

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