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Twenty eight degrees at eleven oh three. I'm L shocked. WDC news, the hour's top stories Saint Paul police are on the scene of what appears to be that city's first homicide of two thousand nineteen out. Apparently happened early this morning. You're the intersection of a Rundle street in the frog town neighborhood. That's right at the corner of a Rundle and university police say the shooting there left one person dead are Sloan Martin is on the scene. She says that investigators they're taking three dimensional video images to assist in their investigation. And we do expect to get more information on this incident within the next hour or so in the newsroom Steve Simpson WCTC, oh, the grisly crimes. Jake Patterson is accused of seemed to not phase the twenty one year old when he appeared in Barron county district court yesterday and have you had enough time to discuss the waiver of time limits with your attorneys. Waving the time. Limit could indicate Patterson plans to plead guilty and wants the case to move quickly to trial. He's now charged with two counts of first degree murder in the killing of James and Denise class and one count of kidnapping Jamie clause on Monday for details emerge when Barron county district attorney, Brian right argued for a five million dollar bail fact that he purchased the mask fact that he wiped down shotgun hit the shotgun. That was located at his house and the shells that were used to kill James and Denise by his own words. So that no DNA or fingerprints would be found. If the case does go to trial. It's unclear if Jamie clause will have to testify Patterson returns to court next month. More charges could be filed against Patterson Douglas county, where he allegedly kept Jamie class captive for nearly three months. So it's possible. Charges would be for crimes committed inside the home. Where Jimmy was kept Mark through Hof is Douglas county district attorney Douglas county, there's. Potential for additional charges.

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