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A windy hill road ex number two sixty calls in a tap the brakes there and road work set up in hall county ninety five north bound and friendship road ex number eight blocking a right lane this supporters price by General Dynamics I. T. G. D. I. T. is hiring research health in IT professionals apply now it's U. D. I. T. dot com slash careers G. D. I. T. is an equal opportunity employer disability veteran I'm Mike chills ninety five point five W. S. W. as we near office correct knowledge within miles for factor dependable forecast tonight partly cloudy lows fifty eight to sixty two tomorrow mostly to partly sunny highs seventy nine dating to sunshine Friday high eighty four Saturday a mix of sun and clouds high near eighty lows forty six to fifty four sixty nine degrees on Peachtree street at ninety five point five WSP Atlanta's news and talk so Riana for a little while eight o'clock seven thirty Doug terminals going to join us we got called out softly comes back I want to ask you guys this question Brianna is quoted as saying in a vogue interview the most that trump president trump is the most mentally ill human being in America now normally when these four stars say these kinds of things I usually say are who cares what do you think this and the other what if you were sitting across from Riana I say we're all sitting in a bar and she's in town and we're we're lucky enough.

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