Fox News, Christopher Paul Hassen, Senator Susan Collins discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Fox News jussie smollet star singer and now suspect for allegedly lying to Chicago police about a racist, homophobic attack. Please charging him with disorderly conduct a felony. In this case, we've got a release from his legal team reading as follows like any other citizen, Mr. small at enjoys a presumption of innocence, particularly when there's been an investigation like this one where information both true and false has been repeatedly leaked given these circumstances. We intend to conduct a thorough investigation and mount an aggressive defense. Fox's Mike Tobin. A Coast Guard Lieutenant heads to federal court today in Maryland to face, drug and gun charges. But prosecutors say those are just the tip of the iceberg. They say Christopher Paul Hassen is a domestic terrorist who had hit list of journalists and Democrats Hassen is a self proclaimed, white, nationalist pope. Francis opens a sex abuse summit at the Vatican City today by warning bishops the faithful one concrete action not just condemnation lawmakers may introduce a resolution in the house tomorrow to defeat the president's declaration of a national emergency to build a border wall democratic leaders haven't seen signal when they would bring it up for vote. But the Bill is expected to pass the house and in the Senate main GOP Senator Susan Collins says she would support it. However, a top White House adviser has signaled President Trump is prepared to you the first veto his presidency. If congress approves a resolution in Washington, Shawn lane, Fox News in Iraq security, official says the US backed Syrian militia handed over more than one hundred fifty Iraqi ISIS fighters today, the first of several planned handovers under an agreement that was broker to give over five hundred and to ISIS members to Iraq..

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