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Jewelry for regime? I need to know more about that time you start selling those sparkling please, Please, please queue up the shot up Alexis from Yeah, It's still one of my favorite moments from yesterday on here, wasn't it? No. That was on the air. No, No, it was off there. That's right, running down the list of sex toys, and that wasn't it this over my God. Got up, Alexis. Solid order we bought Kenny and I both have active imaginations. So every time you mentioned one we pictured Colin with it. Yes, I've seen him going down and I'm like, Oh, there it comes into my brain. Like I just see it in the store, you know, wrapped in plastic no up. No, it's being used O because yesterday my talkers so much more sense. I love Helen, but not like that. I know if you missed it yesterday, and my husband gave me permission. I'll just tell you the quick thing. Colin ordered a very personal item and accidentally had it sent to our old address. So we're cracking up that this new guy is going to get this items or multiple things that become one thing in the mail and Lex in the commercial break off air was like because I didn't say what it was like. It was like Um, is it Is it like a harnesses it? This isn't a dark kitchen that she's left. And then she says, this one thing and Kenny Kenny beautifully delivered goes. Shut up, Alexis, shut up! Shut up! Shut up, Alexis. I'm actually surprised. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

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