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Gums the mass man show i'm your host david shoemaker sitting across from me as always in a lovely yellow jacket big daddy dave schilling how you doing man at summertime man what better time to bring out a yellow jacket i feel like mr perfect in this yellow i when i when i look at you i often think of mr perfect curt hennig right off the top of the show today we got a lot of stuff to talk about not the least of which is maybe the best episode of the best raw smackdown combo in twenty eighteen i mean is that saying too much it's only june man but yeah i would i would agree with that it was really fantastic but we have to start off with some sad news and that is that big van vader leon white has passed away from heart failure at the age of sixty three he's been sick for a while you know all all year there's been i mean he had open heart surgery thing in march and and you know he's been dealing with stuff for a while so i think you know this doesn't come as the biggest surprise but it's really sad and sixty three i mean we were just talking last week about people working at sixty three you know i mean sixty three's is too young to go and especially i mean everybody listening this knows that i got my start writing about dead wrestlers and part of what really motivated me was you know the fact that wrestlers are like they're they're larger than life they're superheroes gods you know and so it's you know for so much of in so many instances we see them in their glory days and then back when we were kids you'd never see them again maybe you know somebody would leave wwf popup wcw or something but us remembered them at their peak and so it's really hard to contemplate they're dying and in a van vader is one of those guys for people that are a little bit younger that knew him primarily in is like attitude aired wwf ron you know he was a different worker than he was in japan and even in the crockett territory in an nwea wcw but he was he was still amazing and i think it's it's reductive to say he was the best i think meltzer's at the best four hundred pounder industry ever ever you know had but that's sort of that it's sort of it there's nobody there was there's nobody that could work like him at his size you know it's sort of like i mean this is totally far afield but you know there's there's like professional athletes in football or basketball you know you look at somebody you look at like a great tight end and you would say you know he'd be a hall of famer even if he never even if he couldn't block he was such a good catcher but he could block you know some like jason witten fits that moulder you know and there's there's definitely in basketball it's like you know lebron would still be an all time or if he were a bad passer because he does everything else so well or you know whatever but he has all those skills and that's what makes them transcendent invader was you know vader could've just been a big man and without look and with his you know with his brain he could have been in all time or even if he couldn't come off the top rope and just run do every move in the ring like a like a cruiser but he could do all that stuff he was just i mean in part of the reason why will never why you know stone cold steve austin has left a generation of people trying to be like him the rock there's a generation of wrestlers trying to be like the rock it's never really going to be that way for someone like van vader because there's people just can't be banned vader yeah even someone like a killian dane who is in that just thinking about him yet it's not necessarily able to do all the things vader could do vader and i think was like legit like significantly smaller than vader vader was doing moon celts i think that was the first time i ever saw a guy do a moon saw besides like juiston lighter yeah was vader i think he cut a promo i was watching some old wcw saturday night episode with him and harley race and he cut a promo that i thought like vader did that your blonde haired blue eyed i used to lunch money from boys like you back in my school dave depending all i'm gonna steal from you today brother i'm gonna take your pride and dusty.

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