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They haven't been. I'm not sure Dorsey, and we're on the same page. You think the Browns did the right thing by whacking Hugh Jackson right now. I think now I think you send a message to everybody that, you know, this incompetence and not not incumbents is a person just, you know, you're not. Inning games. And we have to win in the NFL and not only do they let Hugo, of course. But they let Todd Haley go. And again, it's the same thing you got two guys and egos are fighting during the middle of season of who's doing what and point fingers and blame it, and you have nobody rowing together being together in the same team thinking the same things. And if they're not doing that, then you have to let them go, and you're going to start fresh, and I do think there's a lot of good candidates out there that they can explore look at. So obviously everybody saw. Hugh Jackson Todd. Haley, other coaches sort of bitching at each other during hard knocks is that a big deal to you care about this stuff. I think it was overblown a little bit. But I do think it was a precursor of things to come at the time. I thought it was overblown because there's a lot of times when there's healthy debate amongst coaches and coordinators, but eventually the coordinator has to do with Todd said you're the head coach I'm going to do what you wanna do. But here's what I feel and head coach says, I appreciate that. When you're the head coach you can make that decision. Chris why should Browns fans have any faith that they're going to pick the right coach after this season? 'cause you well, you have to have faith John Dorsey. I think you're having a guy that's a football guy that that understands and works with a lot of great coaches over the years, and you gotta understand that he's going to put a coach in there. That he feels is best for the organization and also guy that's going to be able to be on the same page in understand what the plan is to build a team understand that the coach would want these tape players to build a team that the GM go get those type of players and you work as a team. So that's what I would put faith in. So you work pro football. And you have were college football. You know, everything about Ohio State. You follow both games college. And pro so I wanna ask you your total gut feeling right now if you could pick a guy out there right now, college or pro from all the coaches you've seen right now. Is there a guy who you think could do a good job trying to put these Browns back together again. Well, I think there's two ways to go. So one of the things is what's the hot offense? Now. It'd be the Kansas City Chiefs, right or you can look at it. Sean McVay offense, very similar in a lot of ways. So Matt Nagy's having success now with Chicago Bears whose Andy Reid disciple. So you can go that way somebody that understands conceptually with the chiefs don't or what the bears are doing authencity. If you want that guy or you can go the veteran, a guy that's been out there guy that is kind of quite frankly, I think of campaigned for the job is Bruce Arians. I've had a chance to sit in meetings with Bruce. I had a chance to watch him coach on the field. I think he gets along with his players. I think he's challenges his players. And if I were looking for veteran, I would say be a would be a guy that I would strongly consider. Well, he is in his mid sixties. Chris is he too old. I don't think so not now not nowadays. I think there's a lot of energy with guys. And I I know he's had some health issues in the past..

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