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Yeah and there's a couple of dancers that are going to be Doing the virtual college dance team. That putting on here So that i think was shocking. But i think what was most shocking to is. It's listen to. I think in like thirty six countries worldwide next phase face doing this over facetime and his jaw just at the floor so i went ahead and print it out because i knew nicola walters asks the tough questions are prepared and so i printed out like on the back. End of the podcast. You can see what countries are listening. And these are the countries that there's like more than a handful that are listening to it repeatedly like a ton of downloads. Of course the united states. Australia big listenership in australia. Greetings down the united kingdom right after that germany spain russia belgium france india japan kenya. I don't know who's listening eloped. Mexico sweden poland canada and austria. Those have the most listenership. And then there's a middle. There's a middle where maybe it isn't a handful of people that download every episode and they live in israel the netherlands pakistan who who's listening and pakistan italy brazil malaysia and switzerland and then to round out the list. These are just like one off like there might be just one single person in singapore. Greetings my friend. In singapore The czech republic ireland denmark chile new zealand pronouncing this right tunisia to neo chinese indonesia. Yeah i'm catching fire in the nijaz. Feel like this just like goes to show you the reach of podcast number one but also the reach of denouncing. Yes yeah absolutely and that. That was the whole goal behind this to was to make the dance team world bigger yet smaller so when somebody comes on that That i knew But maybe you know somebody like in brazil doesn't know or somebody like in a state here in the united states doesn't know so that's making that world not only bigger for the listeners but it's also making it smaller too and that's been kind of cool too because Right after the release of the podcast.

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