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Few people like Marcus Smart. I think it's time over as a Celtic keep Brad Stevens and Danny Age may need to reassess this Rasta man because it's But we don't have any presents. Like like the big ticket president, you know, we don't have an identity. You know, we have Jason Tatum. We got Jalen Brown. We got Kimble Walker, but I mean, we don't really have an identity. You know, That's what we're missing. Thank you very much. Oh, are we? I appreciate the call Darius. And then I will say this is, he said that Lot. He says that Danny HS to reassess the roster. I've heard from a lot of fans saying they want to reassess the 88. So we'll see If that's the way that winds up going again. They go into this play in situation without Jalen Brown. Do they get out of the plan? Who knows? It's a coin flip. They probably do. They're the best team in the plan, but I don't see them having almost any chance to do almost anything. Once they get beyond that greening on ESPN Radio Bubba, who's next? Let's go toe. Lucas Lucas, how we feeling? Pretty ecstatic Greeny Tell me about.

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