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That was one of the things that's interesting i mean i'm i just had a thought and i just wanted to share it like for people that hit the certain age and they start to experienced midlife crisis. It's a fascinating subject on why this occurs and like they do but they for those that that do they just do it. And that's what i did with myself. I mean i hit thirty. And i realized that i'm going to be a dad and i'm also fathering two children that aren't mine. Have a blended family. So i had made a decision will greg. What are you going to do well. We can't stay in this apartment. So i went out and bought myself a house and now do i continue to podcast or go to school. Hamad going to support them. I don't know. But i'm just gonna do it. That's that's the decision it's are you going to do it or not and then when you don't you're going to have to do it later just like after the emotional breakdown or four hundred percent agree and i always use people to stop you because usually when thoughts are flowing we gotta hit it otherwise i lose it. I just wanna understand if we're going through that. What's missing and i've also. I've noticed that. I can connect this with the midlife crisis Topic that a lot of people aren't embracing the abilities as their authentic selves. Yes and that's why they kind of feel like something's missing. Like i had the job i have this. But why do i feel like i'm missing something and it's because you were afraid allowing your guards to be down you choose to wear a social massed you wear your your occupational mask when you're at work and then you barely show your loved one your real self. I could not agree more with you job. I had masks on. And i was protecting myself. And i had like different personas and i mean part of it is also. I just didn't know who. I was myself like i am. This goes back to when you're a child. And what are your survival mechanisms. And those survival strategies are carried into your adulthood your End and the work of mental fitness is about like learning about. What are those survival mechanisms. What are those conditions. Tendencies that you have part of my condition tendency as a kid. I used to be this the nicest little kid but then i got bullied all the time you know and i got in my survival mechanism was i'm gonna be a hard ass. I'm not gonna let anybody in. I'm going to punch your face if you try to eat like that's became yet. You doubt you adapt to protect yourself and now people have this misunderstanding about you that all. I don't want mess with her. She's a hard house. I can't deal with her. It's like well if you actually spent some time interacting with her no..

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