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It to straight after it only 13 Storm. They leave the Browns 22 3 in the third quarter. Sam Darnell's Two touchdown passes Colds hammering the Steelers right now, 24 to 7 in the third quarter in Pittsburgh, and he's won three in a row. Pittsburgh has dropped three straight after winning there. 1st 11. Jonathan Taylor has two touchdown runs. Ravens Going for 1/4 Straight Win 20 to 3 lead on the Giants third quarter in Baltimore, third quarter in Jacksonville. They're still in the playoff mix, and they leave the Jaguars 22 10 Mitch True biscuit touchdown pass and run two minutes to go in the third quarter. An Arrowhead Falcons and Chiefs are tied at seven Patrick Holmes touchdown pass, but also Picked up at the goal line dangles in Texas kind of 17 in the third quarter. ESPN is Adam Schefter reports that at least two NFL teams have reached out to former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer. Gauges interest in returning to coaching. ESPN is Adam Rittenberg. I'm just fascinated guys to see what I have a fit urban would be in the NFL. You know where you don't have all the best players where the talent is more even And how would he handle that? How would he handle the intensity that he brings that this sort of his hallmark at the college game? It's fourth and one every day whenever admires your coach. Can that translate to the NFL? Or would he take a slightly different approach out of Rittenberg on ESPN Radio Sunday morning Baseball Hall of Fame knuckleball pitcher Phil Niekro is past the age of 81. Battling cancer Negro part of the 300 wind blows. Hey, This is even more handy real quick here wishing you a happy and safe holiday season full of food, football, family and friends and thank you for listening to Keyshawn J will and Zubin this past year and we'll see.

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