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Sunday meanwhile top senate foreign relations committee democrat ben cordon congratulated the trump administration for marshalling unanimous support for the new sanctions was room strong move forward it was great to see china russia join us on that and now needs to be followed up with diplomacy where we go china in the united states working with the same strategy with north korea of the find a way that we can ease the tension and get north korea to change directions north korea said it was a quote pipe dream for the us to think it could be persuaded to surrender its nuclear weapons program president trump continues to lash the fbi suggesting it's biased against him as npr's laura walmsley reports his latest target on twitter is the bureau's deputy director trump questioned the impartiality of fbi deputy director andrew mccabe in a number of tweets over the weekend when mccague's wife jill was running for state senate race in 2015 she received seven hundred thousand dollars in donations from virginia governor terry mcauliffe's political action committee and virginia democratic party after trump fired than director of the fbi james colmey mckay became acting director overseeing the investigations into hillary clinton's use of a private email server and possible collusion between trump's presidential campaign and russia republican senator and senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley said this week that he wants mccabe out at the fbi mccabe is a civil service employ so he can't be fired without clear evidence of wrongdoing the washington post reports that mccague plans to retire in three months when he'll be fully eligible for pension benefits laurel walmsley npr news.

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