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Tollways. The double league woman is dead after a house fire and hand over park yesterday afternoon, but it could have been much worse. WGN's Proto tumulty reports. Estrich corridor and Victor Sanchez live along thornwood street in Hanover park, who spotted something suspicious this afternoon just before four. We don't see the fight. And then we were so much more than I said, what is it? The wrist to their neighbor's house from which we're told smoke was billowing and no one two children were inside, they opened a door and Victor went in, pulling the kids out of harm's way the woman who died in the fire in the 7300 block of thorn wood street has been identified as 83 year old NCA Valencia. They hand over part fire department says two of its firefighters suffered minor injuries in the fire. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation. According to police, a man between the ages of 18 and 26 is in critical condition at Saint Francis hospital with gunshot wounds to his head and neck. He was found with those wounds while lying in the backyard of an apartment building on the 6400 block of north Hamilton and Rogers park just before 8 last night. The circumstances behind the shooting are currently unknown. No one is in custody. Area three detectives are investigating. CPD also says a 62 year old man was walking down the 7600 block of south Saginaw in south shore around 8 20 last night when he suffered a gunshot wound to his eye. He's listening to critical condition at University of Chicago hospital, but was able to tell police the chef's shooter was traveling in the vehicle. Nor the details are available at this time, no arrests have been made. Area two detectives are investigating. A state board of elections is working to answer questions about voting by mail. The frequently asked questions portion of the board's website has been updated to help point voters in the right direction. Spokesperson met Dietrich says this includes what to do if you never received your requested ballot or what if you change your mind and want to vote in person. Can I take my vote by mail ballot and can I drop it off at either an early voting location or at my polling place on election day? And the answer to that is no. If you try to do that, you will be offered the chance to surrender your ballot and then vote in person instead. Dietrich says about half of all election jurisdictions in Illinois have vote by mail drop off boxes. The United Nations secretary general is among the world leaders reacting to the disaster in Seoul, South Korea. Secretary general Antonio Gutierrez released a statement saying he quote is deeply saddened by the tragic accident. Over 150 people were killed in a crowd rushed during Halloween festivities and the city's Italian district Saturday night. President Biden said that he and the First Lady are grieving with the people of the republic of Korea and wish for a quick recovery to all those who are injured. In a White House statement Biden added their hearts go out to the families of at least two Americans who died during the tragedy. Over 130 people have died after a century old pedestrian bridge collapsed into a river in the western Indian state of Gujarat on Sunday evening. State minister harsh Sanger says that one and a three two people have died so far and that many were admitted to hospitals. Local media reports over a hundred people plunged into the Machu river when the pedestrian bridge in the state's warby district collapsed. The colonial era suspension bridge had reopened four days ago after renovation. Officials said the bridge gave way because it could not handle the number of people on it. The Hindu festival season had drawn hundreds of people to the recently opened tourist attraction. And the U.S. is getting dangerously low on diesel, demand for fuel is up, and at the

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