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But it was a little ridiculous. You're free to go. Really? Okay. Please go, and then we're going to tackle this shit adage, how did he get them signed the consent? Is it like all either call the cops? Are you signed this consent to be on my stupid show, or I don't know? How would you agree because you have to get consent to be on camera? It must have been a blackmail situation where everybody everybody thinks you can I'll talk a cop. So the cost praises signed this. And yeah, the cops pride do it. Who knows maybe the part that we don't see because they always put ten like some kind of a young girl and the other center. Put the around the county. All she even sounds like kid. Yeah. And then. Not for nothing or something that you can just sign. Can you sign that really quick blow you I'll make God. Oh, boy, just got juice mouth. Faster you sign. The more deeper permission slip or something. Yeah. It makes you. And then they sit the pervert down the go. Hey, it's me Chris Hansen seat. Definitely definitely have a seat can talk this out. Your father is soom. Let's talk this out with your thirteen year old, and he never got decked. Right. What they think they could talk through out of it. And they would say, oh, I just wanted to have conversation this fourteen year old. That's weirder. Yeah. I'd rather you were trying to fuck your weirdo arrested for being a fucking weird out a conversation with a thirteen year old guy. If you're a pedophile, we'll try to get your help. You can't have that disease. This just let him how the conversation. Thirteen year old he'll kill himself. What happened play out? Then he said that I was cute, but I feel it wasn't thing. I'm sure resting. Holy shits won't shut up who cares. This is important. I am pervert. I was here. Enough. I'm nervous. Chris Hansen's got to go to jail. He's gonna meet these people, right? I remember you want. You have a seat. Lemonade. They're probably all free. That that'd be ironic. Hey, minus. That's irony. There is a website. It's called is d in jail dot com. I hope when you get to the website to start sparking. It says a picture of the Mex. And either tells you he isn't in jail or is not in jail. What you really want right now. He's not in jail. Just got released. I love this website out of all the people to have Z in jail or not in jail website. And it's d- is he proud of that. Proud of the rapper served a year long sentence for tax evasion. He was also ordered to pay two point three million dollar penalty. And was sentenced in March. He reported that it's reported that he must now enter outpatient programs for substance abuse and mental health. I gotta say with all these celebrities with accountants and like actual money. I feel like you should look at the accountant for a second. Oh, hell because what do you mean? He's invading taxes. Right. You think he's going at you know, what I mean? He's having. I get a Tim. And maybe he didn't send out the checker whatever. But you know, you have a money manager. Are they not going like are the today attacks is today? The day you send the check the Amax river. Okay. You're not culpable at the time of a sensing the rapper claim to not realize how serious is crime was and apologized for other run ins with the law saying I was in a cloud. I was in a cloud. I wasn't thinking straight. That's now that better than like, I don't get it. Now that he's out of prison. He plans to release a new album. Yes. At an I can only take that's the thing. I really like him. And then I'm like, I think one song is good. Maybe he's just needed to go to jail for material. Like now, I'm gonna come out. He calls is deemed ex and jailed dot com..

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