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Suburban Eastern Australia an environment that has the time evolved some extraordinarily early unique groups of Hamas happiness. But today we observe are small trial akin to a group of mic that gathered together together a top a small mound to watch question and discuss the current events of their city their country and their world at Blanche. Let's listen keenly and observe this group fondly known hours the Iron Fist and the velvet glove knees. He's like you said David where up to two hundred. And Twenty nine the fizz Velvet Glove podcast normally. There's three of US sitting around the table talking about the week's events but Scott has something on. He's quite secretive about what it was. So we'll guess about what happens. What's happened with Scott? But it's just you and me toward men. Welcome LCM twelve main. Thank you trevor. Glad to be here as always. It's good to have you as well. So what are we gonNA talk about this week O.. Oh Jeez show topics this week. I we. Well we're a little bit short like there's been some newsy things but nothing think particularly matey like obviously allows bobby's head up again and and George Pell and but really these things. There wasn't a lot decide that saying. I thought that we might revisit. A little bit of their indigenous episode who and discuss a few indigenous items that we didn't get to backing episode two hundred thirteen deep breath. Good Air Loins in and we'll tackle that one. Okay yeah I I couldn't think of a better name to have with me. It's sort of brings to mind some of the cliches about going into outer space. You know going with you have a full or something like that. Yeah so Say we're going to talk about indigence matters and rice and sort of extrapolate a few things from episode two hundred. Think so if you're listening to us for the first time or only recently started watching Al Fayed Ah Listening to FAA podcast. It's stop right now. And get backed up. So two hundred sitting over his Egmont Sti- talking about this and why they signed that why I told him about this in a lot of it must have been cavity. Nips two hundred thirteen that. WE'RE NOT GONNA go into you. Good idea if you have already got to that episode. I consider that episode to be one of our finest do in the actual statistics. It's performed one of the worst time you had to be at three hundred and forty five downloads and mice in Europe. Toby at four hundred saying probably because it was a racist. Yeah probably yeah. But then I've had some good feedback. We'd alike where people have said look. I didn't agree with everything you said but it was thought provoking and made me think about some things and that's gold to us do. Yeah and that's what we're about. We're about people people thinking about stuff and discussing it without you know fruit too rigid preconceptions which is or at least being able to shake the free conceptions around a little bit and Reexamine them although we were accused of holding preconceived ideas. We all have them say this subject to confirmation bias to indeed and it's not easy to get alternative voices to come on I. It's taunt factor. Actually Mike reaching out to people and getting them on is difficult. If you're if you tend to disagree with what we say and you live in the western suburbs of Brisbane and you want to join us on Tuesday nights. You're welcome to reach out to us. And we're more than happy to have another voice to provide a contrary point of view. It's not easy and it's not really putting people in the sky it's hard you'd sort of took over the top of each other. It's it's hard to sort of have the same vaud so we could have. Somebody could come into the studio so if he think he might disagree with us. More than most any live in the western suburbs of Brisbane in your valuable reach out to us We should try and sort of play. Devil's advocate a bit more than what we do. But it's not easy for example on this episode that we're GONNA be doing business matters it. It just wouldn't make sense for well what we're going to be doing is quoting stuff from people who disagree with US and providing a response response so there's the alternative you get the actual voice of that best. But you'll get their idea right well. Who knows where we'll end up? What rabbit holes? We'll we'll we'll give it a guy before we do. This is sort of a warm up just a loose nail limbs a little bit twelve made in the in the news this past week like we had will I am who was on a Qantas plein and he felt he was huddle dunboyne Qantas host easy and he then accused her of racism pretty readily accused of racism. I mean that seemed to be one of his first responses is to an altercation he had with her. He's some black American rapper of some sort. On the black eyed appeased. I think is the group. Isn't it rice with which is a fairly well established and popular. Yeah so on one side of the story is the hosting Qantas sign that she was destroying to get his attention and he had noise canceling earphones on. which didn't help? And he didn't like the it was handled inclined was a rice act by climbed she was very aggressive in that she only directed her aggression at people of Color. Put it So one of the things to come out of. That was the Veronica's couple of twins who you're also into China's died had an altercation on Qantas a couple of weeks ago and so as soon as I hit about the wheel I am thing they came out and said we support. You Will Ali'i I'm so the twin sisters climbed the flight attendant had clashed with lie. In is the sign woman who they previously clashed with interest to the Quanta said definitely the same one so an I demanded it will be retracted and the Veronica's said that he shouldn't retract. That's rely envoy shooting. We went there but we support him actually posted on twitter. I believe a photograph of the Qantas and the police officer who was sent to talk to him when it when the plane landed. It's pretty provocative. Isn't it posting on social media which goes potentially rod around the globe. A photograph of somebody who. He had a disagreement with doing her job. Yeah it is my thoughts on this hour. Have you seen the Veronica's no I've I've often cross my mind. I should have a listen to the music because I really have vertical idea while it's line so they look relatively what to me very white. I would have thought and I looked up and I've got ital- on the father's side is Italian Sahelian and what mother is not really what and of course they looked committee anyway but but really the fact that the same high sti praise according to the Veronica was rude and nasty to them and treated them poorly. I should have been proof that the host is not racist because Equal opportunity person in that he's attacked according. According to the Veronica's story line white people as well as black people. Really the Veronica's shoot of coming out and said well let's the same high. St That was mean to us and so it couldn't have been racism because look at us. That's right now that look in the slightest bit non-european to me say ninety ninety. Pick that up. But that's what struck name was. Well she she couldn't be racist. Even story was true. Because you're not obviously black so it's just annoying that people play the race card so readily isn't it Rather than trying to figure out. Well what's your problem. You know what what have I done. Wrong now now it's dried up. The woman was racist yeah ties we said last week about woke nece. It's very easy to just come out and say racist throwing the left and everybody runs for cover. Don't they. I mean even some people were saying. We'll go on Qantas for standing up for the staff because it seems like everybody everybody just runs for cover including big corporations quite often. These Zinser accused of racism So anyway I'm not that way support racism. But it's just this whole this whole thing around. Racism like an accusation is as good as proof. Isn't it these days All the more reason why T- instead of using it liberally to an e went really really. Sure somebody's link license. Yeah anyway that was that story and I just spend Veronica's angle to it to be the interesting one from so. We're GONNA talk a little bit about Marcia Langton in a moment this this is a sort of a warm up on Maciel lengthened for listeners. Who aren't aware of Marty liked who? She's she's well-credentialled. Aboriginal home indigenous spokeswoman various issues and back in two thousand and twelve in her fourth boy lecture and she attacked Professor Flannery a distinguished scientist explorer a conservationist but his comments in East quarterly aside. Because he had said even underlie the governments with strong green bent national parks and otherwise Saif and he talked about how the Bligh government was D- exhibiting areas taking them out of the national park system and returning them back to traditional aboriginal and Marchisio wasn't happy because it was sort of an allegation that the indigenous people couldn't look after the land properly and he was saying I don't know when you gazetted as a National Park you've got even better protections so interesting yes and funding to take care of yes so she accused team of succumbing to the environmental campaign. Audiology that Australia's first people's are the enemies of night show. Well he said we've got me wrong. Mustn't be design. We've got a better chance of protecting these things as bad of a national pan. She might have objected. Because if it's gazetted National Park I don't really know but I'm just guessing maybe the rights of local indigenous people and not as great as they would be if it was handed back. I I think that was what she was. She wanted and Santa bound control of the land by digits people rather than state government. Yeah so anyway. I now the sort of racism. Racism style allegation mic drawer on a guy like that is God so but just getting back to indigenous care management of the land and the bushfires with head race in line. Like people reminding with good reason in the fall that we're having into the been pretty shocking. It was pretty standard practice for indigenous brothers and sisters at. It's just extremely well. No that that's what they deal with and I'm not criticizing knows perfectly legitimate thing to do for one hundred and but when you talk about the indigenous peoples traditional sort of custodianship of lane you do have to take into account a couple of things. One is the prior to their arrival. Onto this landmass there was a lot of lodge fairy animals. The disappeared at about the timeline digits. People appear because I'd never time to adapt so obviously the mall and that's pretty much look at some of them and the rest of them didn't adapt well to all lose their then the changing sort of education because because the indigenous people were Creating has everywhere and that was changing the vegetation in creating grass lanes that suited the smaller animals the kangaroos rather than the large animals. Where the beginning go? When there's a fire rising all around them in day can get barbecued indeed and and really eucalyptus were quite a small sort of part of ar vegetation saying upon their arrival and a short in historical historical terms a short time later eclipse everywhere fire resistant and ended well in fire conditions? So we've mentioned it before but sort out of the lead-up intertwined with a bunch of other. Things seems to be this assumption that indigenous people can do no environmental wrong and the similar thing happened in New Zealand of with our brothers and sisters across the wrong to marry extent. Well from what. I've read under the distinct impression that they're hunting of that. Very large bird rallied to its extinction. Right ethically reasonable wolfing today for hunter gatherers but this guy ran afterwards. So what magnificent manages the way the other thing is we're GonNa Talk About Canyon and in talking breeze Pasqua paints a picture of cultivated fields stretching as far as the eye can say mind boggling stuff really considering what we presumed to know about how the lifestyle and the economy of our indigenous brothers sisters so if true you that it again paints a picture of of quite substantial alteration of the Lance Guide that ninety was not for the better if if true so true. Yeah Yeah we'll get to that I he's done very well out of that. Book has new Bruce Pascoe. I mean I'm not suggesting US become wealthy. But it certainly only received a lot of positive coverage raw in the meteorite high in the chat room John Dismissing. He's finished driving these. Here's John Towards the end of the podcast. If you're able to hang in there we might get you discard being and tell us a story so just let me know. Johnny is going to work because John got involved with Labor Party not with religious nation. actum trying to pass a motion through his local brain. So hold onto. That would be good John. If you're able to get onto sky a little bit lighter we'll definitely definitely drawn hook you up right so back to L. Indigenous episode number two hundred and thirteen and as I mentioned please. If you have not listened to it listen to before listening to the rest of this on. Now we've got a listener Brahmin. He's terrific doc because Brahman disagrees with us on stuff and actually says why specifically she disagrees and gives Cajun reasons and we're happy with that and we asked for feedback and and she gives it to us so so at the time Bronwyn was the only person who had any decided that nobody else it has popped up and say anything specific about its Brahmins..

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