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We're making it. Allocate twenty seven days. Isn't that long? Well exactly. I don't know what the charge would have been could have been something. That's a hiccup. That's a vacation pretty minor Yeah not one that I wanNA take though We're making it out as though Scott is some kind of low level con artists who just happen to get away with check cashing scams and fraudulent moneymaking schemes. But what I believe that we will see here. Captain that the truth of the matter is that Scott's he's pretty talented as a con artist and I think what we're going to see. Is that his con artist? Skills might be off the charts and you know everyone who met him even though I'll judge that determined to see him in prison for the remainder of his days begrudgingly admits. That Scott was the best at this Universally he they say he was liked. He was jovial friendly and seemingly trustworthy. This is how Scott was described time and time again over and over these people that that knew him and met him throughout his life. Why you can tell even by his later in views that there is a brain inside his head. Yeah and what we will see as we go through. This is he. Truly just. He snowed people. He befriended people made them feel special. Build up their trust and then he cheated them. Yeah obeys no frame cabin now? What happens next on the Scott? Time-line gives us a clear cut example of how trustworthy he really seemed to be. In the spring of Nineteen. Ninety nine Scott Kimball agree to work for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as an informant on a stolen guns investigation. Yes this is an agency of our federal government taking on a conman scam artist a fraudulent trek rider into their fold. Now it's not really clear how this arrangement came about and it did not result in any arrest although Scott reportedly gave the ATF. Some names but not only did Scott get personal satisfaction from being a trusted informant for the feds. He got paid for a grand total of one thousand eight hundred sixty five dollars. The Rue the relationship was over by November of Nineteen Ninety Nine Scott Kimball benefited both as we said financially but also in terms of establishing goodwill with the feds a by December of Nineteen Ninety Nine. It was apparent that Scott was not only a scam artists but he was also violent on December eighth. His Ex Wife. Larussa reported to spokane police. This Scott kidnapped her at gunpoint raped her and forced her and the couple's two sons to accompany him back to Montana. No charges were filed for this incident. And there's a lot of speculation here as to why there were no charges filed. I don't know that I feel super comfortable getting into it knowing as little as we do about this situation But we would see this one more time this when Lewis again called police this time on December eighteenth Saying that Scott had broke into her house that night and held her at gunpoint then he made her take a bath and stole money from her purse again. No case no charges were brought forward in this incident as well now remember. The twos suspended sentences for convictions. For passing bad checks that he go over that again. He broke in made her take a bath after another sexual assault. And there's and there's no charges whatsoever that's correct. It's ridiculous again I. I don't WanNA speculate as to why there were no charges. Both of these situations we know very little about. Yeah so I mean it could be could be as simple as something as she called the police and then later says. I don't want to press any charges that's why I don't want to get into the speculation. I don't I don't we can't fault the the police department if the the person that notifies them later than says no. I don't WANNA I don't WanNA bring any charges. Well no you can fault on on some level because there's a possibility that she just doesn't feel safe enough that she can press charges that he actually presses charged with this guy's a animal and look what he did to me he might come back in and kill me. I agree but I think that it's irresponsible of myself to lay blame to someone or or an organization with with knowing nothing really about the situation. Yeah well let's not lay blame to to the organization but let's let's lay blame on the the idea that we we know this situation happened and we don't know why went down this way. Well that's why I don't WanNa Laity because I don't know that I don't know that it happened so I want to go back to the to suspended sentences for The the bad checks that took place in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when Scott was just twenty one so he finds himself in jail once again this time in January of two thousand this time for violating his probation remember. He got probation for those charges. He violated his probation. This is for traveling and also for failing to report now. Finally a little justice here. This takes place in April of two thousand A. Judge threw the book. Adam Scott was sentenced to ten years in Montana. State Prison this for violating those probation now. Five years of this sentence were suspended but Scott was looking at five years of hard time. Five years in the Clink District Judge Hanson. Row of Scott Quo. The defendant is impossible to supervise in a community setting. You're irresponsible untruthful and simply do what you want to do. Regardless of the rules and conditions imposed by this court then even more charges were brought against him this time for three counts of felony check forgery. That occurred in. Nineteen ninety nine in spokane. His additional conviction piled up eight more months onto his prison. Sentence this is where the story really starts to gain some momentum here. Captain Scott's sentence his five years eight months with the five year suspended actually only resulted in him serving fifteen months in July. Two thousand one. He was relocated to a pre release center and Helena Montana. He was permitted to get a job on the outside and just report back to the center win. Not at work. Scott landed himself a job as a cashier at the easy stop gas station but within just a couple of weeks. Scott decided a change of scenery would be nice on July. Twenty Ninth Scott was working alone at the gas station. Let's quickly review. What the good judge said of Scott Remember saying. He was impossible to supervise in a community. He's irresponsible untruthful and simply does not. He simply does what he wants. Regardless of the rules while the District Judge Hanson was what we call here in the garage. Exactly right so while working at the station alone on the twenty ninth of July Scott Lifted. Six hundred seventy seven dollars from the register. He stole a work truck and he took off for parts. Unknown ocoee doors. I imagine there was several slim. Jims and a big gulp stolen from that gas station as well. That didn't go reported Ryan. That's the real crime here. Well now Scott. You are a wanted man. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Scott Lee Kimball but where did Scott high tail it to on the run from the law in the stolen truck where else but the furthest place away he could think of? Alaska is not known how Scott managed to get across the Canadian border but knowing his charisma and charm he probably just sweet talked his way in there. And it didn't take long for him to turn up in Alaska captain. This is because he could not resist falling back on his old ways. Writing bad checks this time. Scott assumed the identity of Brett Kimball his brother in the few months since his escape. Brett wrote twenty five thousand dollars. In counterfeit checks collected the cash and had landed himself a fiance. As far as this woman whose name is Catherine Curtis was concerned. Scott was a man named Brett Kimball and they were in love and living in a hotel room where Scott was eventually found and arrested during a raid. Along with eleven thousand. Three hundred dollars in cash was just proves that love is the biggest connell..

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