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Cords provide about a year and a half after he was done I need needed this spot and she got in the plot as you pointed out he won Supporting Actor best Oscar a Supporting Actor and that we we revived his whole career every years he live with the fact that this woman did this with them and eat I mean I don't think I mean he loved his wife I mean empty we spoke to his wife every day the mother of his children but it was something about ava Gardner that he wanted and she was nuts I've I've witnessed or I mean she was totally insane probably the most sexiest woman of all worlds but a corolla so in in the making of the godfather he should he calls different people who are up for roles especially Johnny Fontane will be also called Vic Damone which books they Johnny Fontane is bought he told him not to do it that he called me and I already I've been obvious right I agree I one of the bond I dive I had a body ready and Dorothy from his office called me should be all mers all the fall any other phone he said to me J. a Johnny your front of what is of course is I heard you played a part of of call I should yeah is well you know I really would like like you not to do it he caught me off guard there is a natural to me was like you know I've I've I better than last little war of a radio that we share the same birthday December twelfth it became my mental on but now it's they have he gave me the will to get out of the Bali.

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