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So we have julie cohen in betsy west in new york all right folks introduce yourselves hi i'm betsy west and i am one of the directors of our bj i'm julie cohen and i'm the other director of our bg and friend of the show nina totenberg in dc hello hi sam i'm in la so this is probably the most geographically diverse taping in the show's history thanks for making it happen guess excellent so we are here to talk about a new documentary about some of the three of you know very well ruth baiter ginsburg julie betsy tell me briefly about this film and how it came to be well this is a portrait of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg many people know her as the notorious our bg because of the kind of stinging dissents that cheese written and her internet of fame but this is a complete portrait that tells the story of an extraordinary woman who threw her facing personal challenges and professional challenges really changed the world for american women with her work arguing as a lawyer before the supreme court in the nineteen seventies let me just say something here because these ladies won't to their own horn okay my husband saw this movie with me when it was finally together and he said it was the best documentary he'd ever seen what is unusual about it is it's completeness ruth bader ginsburg did change the way the world is for american women whether they know it or not because when she began her crusade there were thousands literally thousands of state and federal laws that treated men and women differently so that's the legal part the part that is so sweet about this movie and so different about it is that they so perfectly captured her relationship with her late husband who.

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