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With with wisdom. Sadness and experience depressed Peter out that it's not that obvious I'll give you a handy. I was so lonely before I met. blankie cold yes. So if you're feeling lonely put away that cold pint of ice cream and pick up a hot pint of pizza. The House that between feeling isolated and feeling physically cold changes in temperature affect our sense of community. So if you're you're feeling lonely skipped the soul. Shattering process of dating. Don't settle for garbage person just moved to Phoenix. That is that is full. I have been lonely in so so many climates that is. You're telling me to body heat. There's no particular I don't know if like body heat that is why you want other people but there's a psychological. I just promoting more nude cooking. I love when studies come up and people yell so you like. They're you know it's not possible. Now hurry some good news. For aspiring writers in Hollywood would more and more people in the film industry are hiring people to write. What depositions the screenplays? No I'll give you one of the big problems they solve is. Do you think your agent before or after you thank God their award speeches yes. Their Acceptance Speeches Brad Pitt is just one of the many stars who have hired a writer for his acceptance speeches. This seems bad but on the other hand it's basically the only way a a person of color could get shut up..

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