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Day's top local stories, a majority of sound transit's governing board has voted to start drafting a new contract with CEO, Peter Rogoff, despite the fact he has weathered intense criticism over his report was stabbed in taxpayers footing. The Bill for a management coach. Here's komo's. Carleen Johnson, Rogoff was the subject of personnel investigation that came to light earlier this year. The agency's board of directors criticized him for what they called an abrupt and direct management style. And he was denied yearly performance bonus. Then a tax payer funded management. Coach was also hired for Rogoff Pierce county, executive, Bruce Dan Meyer was one of the only two no votes yesterday to keep Rogoff on CEO. He tells KOMO there have been far too, many delays and over budget projects, and he complains it will still be years before Pierce county sees any benefit not addressing overruns or narrowing cut of focusing on finding ways to save money as much as I would like that's a concern. Particularly if you're in Pierce county, looking north and seeing the work going up there. No, we're a long ways from it new contract. Offer not finalized yet. Not clear how much he would be paid for it. Either right now Rogoff earns about three hundred twenty nine thousand dollars a year. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. When the UW light rail station opened in two thousand sixteen. Broke ridership records. Unfortunately, as when escalators to the train platform. Also started breaking down district light rail station opens in two thousand twenty one it will include stares down to the train platform. Unlike the U dub station at husky stadium, which writers can only access via one of its thirteen escalators. And they frequently breakdown Kimberly reason with sound transit admits they made a mistake at U dub station by not including stairs. And also using escalators. That weren't considered transit grade. We were doing our best to pay the tax payer money. And we did we ended up initially fading two hundred million when the project was all. And now she estimates. It will cost about twenty million to replace all thirteen escalators at the U dub station with stronger ones. And also stairwells reason says the replacements should be done by twenty twenty two about a year. After the new u district station opens sirocco, KOMO news. Komo news time is two four time.

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