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Here's your life because or any or all of our lives because of his playing crude because of what he did afterwards right what. He's what he's doing for women's basketball what he's doing all these other things. It kind of philly. His retirement is be better than his playing career. Which is why has his passing Was so shocking. And when thinking about that when you brought up when he retired you thought it was over. No chance of seeing him again. I'm like the thought of it's over in its final and then how ties into how. It was really just the beginning for him. I'm curious about with you when you ended. It might be easy to look at it and say okay. Age rana's basketball career is over but in fact it was the beginning. Because you're doing all these cool things now. So can you talk about a little bit about that. That that that your life in that decision of starting on hoops. And what is taken you. I never thought that i would create a basketball training business. I always that would potentially be a coach one day but you know i thought i would do that a little bit later on in my career. You know you kind of see a basketball coaches older person. And i didn't want to go through the levels of coach middle school coach high school. You know just because. I thought that my expertise and knowledge of the game has surpassed that when i first left villanova. I thought i was going to get a guaranteed job in sports production. I was interviewing in. La new york. I thought that my resume and social media platform would really help me stand out and i would definitely get it. It was the complete opposite. I that denied it. A lot of interviews granted. I was at huge companies. Worldwide companies Fortune five hundred companies and is very challenging and competitive. But you know when you have a strong network that.

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