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That this stays a place that devon booker continues to wanna be. Let me tell you zone though by lonzo in chicago and i'm sure that people in chicago will be very happy to see you. Don't get me wrong but please understand. You will always be number two in the hearts of the people in chicago for the twenty twenty one free agent class. Jesse wait so they figure out that on top of everything else. Alice caruso duck. I have cat you for chicago bulls. You will have never heard ovation like that ever before. I'm telling you is. You vouch for me on this. James play for the heat. That plays never got louder than with burma block the shot. I'm just telling you. I know what it is. That people like and people go like alice. Caruso up there just you see is the good or bad sign that the knicks are basically running it back all right so i used to do a tv show. Pablo tori and. He was down on the hiring time. Tim though because he was like. Oh he's not a guy that's going to bring the offense into the future anything. My always was the knicks. Just need to be competent. They've been so bad for so long to step. What is competence. And then you go from there. This looks to be a bit of competence for the knicks. They got 'em forty eight four contract. That's less than twenty million dollars a year and you may have and formula eight do shot forty percent from three last year and he can give you seventeen points a game which he did last year. That's a pretty good contract. They ran a bed with nervous. No well got him in about ten million dollars a year. That's a pretty good contract. They brought der groesbeck. He was perfectly capable last year. Not a bad idea. The only thing is this can only be a prelude to figuring out something else for you to do because there is a ceiling on how good you can be. The best thing they do is play hard and what they did. Last year. they played hard every night. That will get you through in the regular season. You'll get smoked in the playoffs like they did last year because in the playoffs everybody going to be playing as hard as you are but the fact that they did not go for some big super splash. Granted i don't know what splash was available. But damn at the knicks always down to try. They seem to be going little by little and that's what they seem to need to do. Then there was not much out there for them to go. Try for or really screw up. Because what's been the past formula for the new york knicks. Go spend too much money in free agency on a vet. It's past their prime and see if that name can just bring people to madison square garden. So this dance of the question. I think is good because it's different because you're not doing the same thing here now. It also does have a shelf life like this. Current knicks team embodies one of my biggest like forums of anxiety in life. Which is what. I got to be in charge of music for a group of people. Like it's always difficult thing. You're trying to gauge the situation. The people that you're there with when you find out one playlist that's not gonna really kick start the whole party but it's not gonna get. You looked at sideways. You hold that thing type and you bust it out in case of emergency. This knicks team. Is that playlist. It is something that everyone in new york and get down with because it's not going to embarrass you at the party. But like most jackhammer coaches and tom middle falls into that. It's only going to ask you about four years before everyone starts to wilt under the constant pressure of this guy only knows one speed so they got time to figure it out. In the meantime they have found something that works in done the smart thing for once stuck with. Don't they call that. The knicks tape..

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