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If you're a woman who feels like you're working juggling more and sleeping less. You're right. According to the Labor Department, employed women worked approximately seven hours and twenty minutes on average in two thousand eighteen men stayed steady spending slightly less than eight hours on the job. The smallest workday gap between the sexes so far. Women are doing more at home shores around the house. Women thirty minutes more than men men, less ABC's, Dr Jennifer Ashton women also take care of children, on average two hours a day, that's up men less than an hour and a half down in comparison men, get about an hour more of leisure time, day on average than women. Michelle Franzen ABC news coming up, high water levels are causing problems by the. The lake will get the very latest from WTMJ's Tony buttock, WTMJ news time three oh. Eight AM talking about. Good buddy, Jim Griffin Jim, you talk about the Griffin way. What exactly is the Griffin way? It's not just on the car is not just given them a good deal. That's the easy part. It's giving them the whole experience the buying process where it's fun. The service experience. The wow factor. I want people to walk away, after they've bought a car and go. Wow. That was the greatest experience I've ever had. I want them to go into the service department. Go. Wow. They fixed my car and they cleaned it. And they got it done real quick. And that just them saying boy, they took care of me. I want them to walk away and say, wow. That was great. How important is it that people leave and feel really good about the experience? They've had well when they feel real good. They're going to tell other people if you drop the ball, they're going to tell twice as many people, you have to take care of that customer period. Is it Griffin Ford? Waukesha Griffin Chevy and Griffin's,.

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